Inginocchiati straniero... I cadaveri non fanno ombra!

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Inginocchiati straniero... I cadaveri non fanno ombra! (Italy 1970 / Director: Demofilo Fidani [as Miles Deem])

  • Runtime: 97 min
  • Release Date: 27.11.1970

Also known as

The Stranger That Kneels Beside the Shadow of a Corpse (U.S.A.) | Dead Men Don't Make Shadows (U.S.A.) | Tote werfen keine Schatten (Germany) | A genoux, etranger, les cadaver n'ont pas d'ombre (France) | Sartana le redoubtable (France) | Ta ptomata skepasan ton ilio (Greece) | On Your Knees, Stranger... Corpses Cast No Shadows | Os Cadaveres Não Fazem Sombras (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Jack Betts [as Hunt Powers](Lazar Peacock / Sabata), Franco Borelli [as Chet Davis](Blonde), Simonetta Vitelli [as Simone Blondell](Maya), Benito Pacifico [as Dennis Colt](Medina), Attilio Dottesio [as Dean Reese](Sanchez), Pietro Fumelli (Ted Stanley), Gordon Mitchell (Roger Murdock), Ettore Manni (Barrett), Amerigo Castrighella [as Custer Gail](Medina henchman), Manlio Salvatori (1st sheriff), Eugenio Galadini (old merchant), Maria Rosa Valenza [as Mary Ross](Jole), Mario Cappuccio, Giglio Gigli (Medina henchman), Raimondo Toscano [also assistant director](undertaker)
  • Also with: Mario Dardanelli (Enriquez, Medina henchman), Marcello Meconizzi (Hernandez, Medina henchman), Calogero Caruana (Medina henchman), Angelo Casadei (Palo Pinto citizen)
  • Story: Francesco Mannocchi
  • Screenplay: Demofilo Fidani, Palmambrogio Molteni
  • Cinematography: Aristide Massaccesi aka Joe D'Amato [Telecolor - widescreen]
  • Music: Lallo Gori
  • Producer: Demofilo Fidani [as Miles Deem]


This peculiar spaghetti western from prolific director Demofilo Fidani (using the pseudonym "Miles Deem") deals with a man named Blonde (Chet Davis) tracking bounty hunter Lazar (Hunt Powers) to the mining town of Lamazos. Fidani's film is unusual in its almost hallucinatory lack of logic, creating a surreal effect aided by the cinematography of Aristide Massaccesi, who would go on to some notoriety as cult director "Joe D'Amato."

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