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Jack London - La mia grande avventura

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Jack London: la mia grande avventura (Italy, Yugoslavia 1973 / Director: Angelo D'Alessandro)

  • Runtime: 127 min (?)
  • Release Date: 24.11.1973
  • Originally an 8 episode TV series (totaling at about 7 hours), which go edited to a theatrical movie of 100minutes in 1973. According to the IMDb, the longer mini series version wasn't broadcast on TV until 1974.

Also known as

The Jack London Story | La mia grande avventura (Italy) | L'avventura del Grande Nord (Italy) | Abenteuer im hohen Norden (Germany)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Orso Maria Guerrini (Jack London), Arnaldo Bellofiore (Fred Thompson), Andrea Checchi (Matt Goodman/Gustavson), Husein Cokic (Jim Goodman/Gustavson), Carlo Gasparri (Merritt Sloper), Bruno Arié, Miha Baloh, Luigi Antonio Guerra, Dusan Janicijevic, Andrea Keki, Manca Kosir, Giuseppe Mattei, Vasa Pantelic, Clemente Ukmar, Janez Vrhovec, Damianovic Caslav, Buck (Buck)
  • Story: Jack London
  • Screenplay: Angelo D'Alessandro, Piero Pieroni, Antonio Saguera
  • Cinematography: Mario Sanga [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
  • Music: Mario Pagano
  • Song: "I Wanna Go" sung by Orso Maria Guerrini

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