Jim il primo

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Jim, il primo (Italy 1964 / Director: Sergio Bergonzelli (as Serge Bergon))

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 29.10.1964

Also known as

...era una pistola infallible lo chiamavano Jim il primo (Italy | El ultimo revolver (Spain) | Le dernier pistolet (France) | Das letzte Gewehr (Germany) | Holle, ihr Banditen (Germany) | Fur eine Handvoll Gold (Germany) | Killer's Canyon (U.K.) | The Last Gun (U.S.A.) | Lonely Gunslinger (U.S.A.) | Kano ehthrous gia na skotono (Greece) | Poslední puška (Czechoslovakia) | Django, the Last Gun

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Cameron Mitchell (Bill), Carl Möhner (Guitar), Célina Cély (Dolores), Kitty Carver [as Ketty Carver](Janet), Livio Lorenzon (Jess Lindahl), Mary Gordon, Dony Baster (Tommy), Vic Nojaski, Luigi Batzella [as Paul Solvay](Morgan, banker), Fanny Clair (Millie), John Mattius, Lina Anna Alberti [as Lina Albert](Rosario, saloon proprietor), Ugo Fangareggi [as Ugo Mudd](Bow Tie, Texas henchman)), Calisto Calisti (Glenn, Janet's father), Attilio Severini (Guido, Texas henchman), Diego Pozzetto [as Diego Wells](Noah), Cinzia Rancher, Luke Aary, Harris Cooper, Rosy March, Fausto Signoretti
  • Also with: Giulio Maculani (sheriff), Gino Marturano (Texas, gang leader), Umberto Salomone (man unloading stage)
  • Screenplay: Dick Fulner, Palmmambrogio Molteni [as Ambrose Molteni], James Wilde Jr.
  • Cinematography: Romolo Garroni, Amerigo Gengarelli (Eastmancolor - Superscope)
  • Music: Marcello Gigante
  • Songs: "Young Jim Hart" sung by Peter Tevis, "Amor Mexicano" sung by Rena Filippini
  • Producer: Luigi Gianni, Elio Sorrentino


Danger rides into the peaceful town of Sanderson as a band of outlaws, led by the notorious Jess Lindahl, takes over the town in anticipation of the arrival of a large shipment of gold. The mysterious legendary masked rider, Jim Hart, reappears to protect the locals and a guitar playing, gun-toting balladeer, who like Jim Hart shoots left-handed, coincidentally arrives with the bandits.


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