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Jim, il primo (Italy 1964 / Director: Sergio Bergonzelli [as Serge Bergon])

  • Runtime: 96 min
  • Release Date: 29.10.1964

Also known as

...era una pistola infallible lo chiamavano Jim il primo (Italy | El ultimo revolver (Spain) | Le dernier pistolet (France) | Das letzte Gewehr (Germany) | Holle, ihr Banditen (Germany) | Fur eine Handvoll Gold (Germany) | Killer's Canyon (U.K.) | The Last Gun (U.S.A.) | Lonely Gunslinger (U.S.A.) | Kano ehthrous gia na skotono (Greece) | Poslední puška (Czechoslovakia) | Atirador Solitario (Brazil) | Django, the Last Gun

Cast and crew

  • Cast [International credits (English)]: Cameron Mitchell (Bill), Carl Möhner (Guitar), Kitty Karver [as Ketty Carver (It. poster)] (Jane / Janet), Mary Gordon, Donato Di Sepio [as Dony Batner] (Paquito, saloon bartender), Vic Nojaski, Luigi Batzella [as Paul Solvay] (Morgan, banker), Fanny Clair (Millie), Gino Marturano [as John Mathews] (Texas, gang leader), Anna Lina Alberti [as Lina Alberti] (Rosario, saloon proprietor), Ugo Fangareggi [as Ugo Mudd] (Bow Tie, Texas henchman)), Calisto Calisti (Glenn, Janet's father), Attilio Severini (Guido, Texas henchman), Diego Pozzetto [as Diego Wells] (Noah), Cinzia Rancher, Luke Aary, Célina Cély (Dolores), Livio Lorenzon (Jess Lindahl)
  • Also with: Giulio Maculani (sheriff) [as Harris Cooper ? (It. poster)], Gaetano Quartararo (Doc), Fausto Signoretti (Buffalo, Lindahl henchman), Luigi Ciavarro (Lindahl henchman), Guglielmo Spoletini (Lindahl henchman), Alba Maiolini (saloon cook), Antonio Danesi (stagecoach driver), Angelo Casadei (Handley, town official), Umberto Salomone (man unloading stage), Franz Colangelo (Sanderson resident)
  • Screenplay: Dick Fulner, Palmmambrogio Molteni [as Ambrose Molteni], James Wilde Jr.
  • Cinematography: Romolo Garroni, Amerigo Gengarelli (Eastmancolor - Superscope)
  • Music: Marcello Gigante
  • Songs: "Young Jim Hart" sung by Peter Tevis, "Amor Mexicano" sung by Rena Filippini
  • Producer: Luigi Gianni, Elio Sorrentino


Danger rides into the peaceful town of Sanderson as a band of outlaws, led by the notorious Jess Lindahl, takes over the town in anticipation of the arrival of a large shipment of gold. The mysterious legendary masked rider, Jim Hart, reappears to protect the locals and a guitar playing, gun-toting balladeer, who like Jim Hart shoots left-handed, coincidentally arrives with the bandits.


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