Joe... cercati un posto per morire!

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Joe... cercati un posto per morire! (Italy 1968 / Director: Giuliano Carnimeo)

Also known as

Find a Place to Die (USA) | Ringo! Cherche une place pour mourir (France) | Oeste sin Fronteras (Spain) | Un lugar para morir (Spain) | Ringo - Such Dir einen Platz zum Sterben (Germany) | Nadji si mesto da umres (Yugoslavia) | Kourallinen kultaa (Finland) | Vres enan topo na pethaneis (Greece) | Face a Face Com o Diabo (Brazil)
Find a Place to Die movie poster


The pile of gold that Paul and Liza have accumulated is an attraction for many people, so much so that Paul is killed in an ambush organized by a gang of bandits. Liza seeks help from people who are no better than Chato; her frankness succeeds in rousing sleepy consciences and the girl is able to enlist a band of ruffians to her cause.


  • Cast (Italian): Jeffrey Hunter (Joe Collins), Pascale Petit (Lisa Martin), Gianni Pallavicino (Gomez), Reza Fazeli (Paco), Nello Pazzafini (Fernando), Adolfo Lastretti (Reverend Riley), Mario Dardanelli (Chato), Umberto Di Grazia, Anthony Blond (Bobo), Seraphino Profumo (Chato bandit), Daniela Giordano (Juanita), Piero Lulli (Paul Martin)
  • Uncredited actors: Bruno Arié (Chato bandit), Gaetano Scala (Chato bandit), Giulio Mauroni (Chato bandit), Calogero Azzaretto (Chato bandit), Artemio Antonini (Chato bandit), Emilio Messina (Chato bandit), Alberigo Donadeo (Chato bandit), Pietro Ceccarelli (Gomez bandit), Remo Capitani (Eagle's Nest lookout), Franco Scala (Eagle's Nest outlaw)
  • Director: Giuliano Carnimeo [as A. Ascott]
  • Story: Leonardo Benvenuti, Hugo Fregonese
  • Screenplay: Lamberto Benvenuti [as Ralph Grave], Hugo Fregonese, Al Hine
  • Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,78:1]
  • Music: Gianni Ferrio
  • Songs: "Find a Place to Die", "Era un cow-boy" sung by Jula de Palma
  • Producer: Hugo Fregonese
  • Maestro d'armi: Gaetano Scala



Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 88 min

Release Dates

  • September 21, 1968 (Italy)

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