Joe l'implacabile

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Joe l'implacabile (Italy, Spain 1967 / Director: Antonio Margheriti)

  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Release Date: 15.2.1967

Also known as

Dinamita Joe (Spain) | Dynamite Joe (USA) | Der Tod reitet mit (Germany) | Vier Halleluja für Dynamit-Joe (Germany) | Joe l'implacable (France) | Joe de onverbiddelijke (Belgium) | Joe Dinamite (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Rik Van Nutter ('Dynamite' Joe Ford / Jon), Halina Zalewska (Elisabeth 'Betty'), Mercedes Castro (as Merce Castro)(Eva, saloon singer), Renato Baldini (Nensar, mine owner), Bernabe Barta Barri (as Barta Barry)(Swan), Aldo Cecconi (Frank, Nensar lieutenant), Alfonso Rojas (Sheriff Stanton), Santiago Rivero (Senator Stenson), Dario De Grassi (Scott, Nensar henchman), Ricardo Palacios (El Sol, bandit chief), Claudio Scarchilli (Jack Foster), Vicente Roca (Charlie, banker), Barbara Davy, Mario Pluchino, Franco Gulà (old man), Saturno Cerra (Professor, piano player), Rufino Inglés (soldier w/cast), Giglio Gigli (Foster brother), Juan Olaguivel (saloon brawler)
  • Director: Antonio Margheriti (as Anthony Dawson)
  • Screenplay: María del Carmen Martínez Román
  • Cinematography: Manuel Merino (Technicolor, Techniscope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Song: "Joe" sung by Don Powell
  • Producers: Giuseppe Franconi, Cleto Fontini


In order to put an end to the numerous ambushes on the gold transports which are a real menace to the finances of the American government, the agent Joe Ford, called Dynamite Joe due to his liking for explosives, is entrusted with controlling the next transfer. Joe has a carriage built entirely of gold, but evil forces are told of the plan and an alliance is made with the bandit El Sol in order to get hold of the gold.


Antonio Margheriti's uneven genre debut is a less gloomy affair than his later better known revenge westerns. With its elegantly dressed hero, who always has a last trick in store and solves everything by dynamiting away all his foes and problems, Joe l'implacabile is clearly an easygoing forerunner for the Sartana/Sabata type of SW heroes, which became popular not before mid 68. // by Stanton

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