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Johnny Oro

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Johnny Oro (Italy 1965 / Director: Sergio Corbucci)

  • Runtime: 88 min
  • Release Date: 15.7.66

Also known as

Ringo and His Golden Pistol (U.S.A.) | Ringo au pistolet d'or (France) | Ringo mit den goldenen Pistolen (Germany) | Ringo ze złotym rewolwerem (Poland) | Ringo dödar för dollar (Sweden) | Ringo, o homem da pistola dourada (Portugal) | Ringo ve Altin Tabancasi (Turkey) | Ringo med de gyldne pistoler (Denmark) | Ringo ja kultainen pistooli (Finland) | Ringo ze złotym rewolwerem (Poland) | O Ringo kai to hryso pistoli tou (Greece) | Ringo met de gouden revolver (Belgium)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Mark Damon (Jonathan Tomadaro Jefferson Gonzales/Johnny Oro/Johnny Ringo), Ettore Manni (Sheriff Bill Norton), Valeria Fabrizi (Margie), Franco De Rosa (Juanito Perez), Giulia Rubini (Joan Norton), Andrea Aureli (Sam Gilmore), Loris Loddi (Stan Norton), Pippo Starnazza (Matt), Nino Vingelli (townsman), John Bartha (Alcalde Benal), Vittorio Bonos (as Vittorio Williams Bonos)(Slim Anderson), Bruno Scipioni (townsman), Silvana Bacci (Manuela Rodriguez), Giovanni Cianfriglia (as Ken Wood)(Sebastian), Giulio Maculani, Evaristo Signorini, Amerigo Castrighella (Perez henchman), Figlia Francesco, Ivan Basta, Lucio De Santis (Carlos Perez), Mauro Mannatrizio (Perez henchman), Fortunato Arena (townsman), Paolo Figlia (gunman), Ferdinando Poggi (as Nando Poggi)(Paco Perez), Fulvio Mingozzi (townsman), Giovanni Cariffi, Walter Peraso, Nicola Di Gioia
  • Story: Adriano Bolzoni, Franco Rossetti
  • Screenplay: Adriano Bolzoni, Franco Rossetti
  • Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1]
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Songs: "Johnny Ringo" sung by Don Powell, "Band of Gold" sung by Valeria Fabrizi
  • Producers: Joseph Fryd, Silvio Bersoisheimer

The Film

The bounty hunter Johnny Oro (he only loves gold) kills three brothers but spares the fourth one because he has no price on his head. Later he is arrested - for the illegal possession of firearms - and thrown in jail, where he is forced to watch how the town is besieged by people who want to kill him, until the sheriff sets him free and Johnny (who also loves dynamite) blows up the whole town.


The film Corbucci made immediately before Django (actually he left the set before the film was finished, leaving it to others to shoot some additional scenes). The opening scene is magnificent, but too much is mediocre and the finale, although spectacular, is rather chaotic. Not unpleasant, but few would call it grade A Corbucci. – Scherpschuttter


Johnny Oro was made in 1965 but was released for unknown reasons 3 months after Django. Apparently Corbucci had left the film before it was finished in favour of directing Django.

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