Joko invoca Dio... e muori

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Joko invoca Dio... e muori (Italy · West Germany 1968 / Director: Antonio Margheriti [as Anthony Dawson]).

Also known as

Vengeance (U.S.A.) | Rocco's Revenge (U.S.A.) | Fünf blutige Stricke (Germany) | Djangos blutige Stricke (Germany, cut version) | Venganza (Spain) [TV title] | Joko invoca a Dios y muere (Spain) [video title] | Joko invoca a Dios y mata (Argentina) | Avec Django, la mort est là (France) | Roko invoca a Dios y... muere (Mexico) | Duelo entre gigantes (Portugal) | Vingança (Brazil) | Ousadia (Brazil) | Paixe, kane ton stavro sou kai pethane (Greece) | Joko Invoca a Deus e Mata (Brazil) | Отмъщение (Bulgaria)
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Rocco is a gold thief, but his buddy is torn apart and he is left with no gold, so he sets out on revenge to hunt down 5 thugs who tore his companion apart and snatched the gold. But there is also a bounty hunter, who turns out to be a rather weird acquaintance...


  • Cast: Richard Harrison (Joko/Rocco Barret), Claudio Camaso (Mendoza), Spela Rozin [as Sheyla Rosin] (Jane), Werner Pochath (Kid), Paolo Gozlino [as Paul Lino] (Detective Lester), Lucio De Santis [as Louis Santis] (Laredo), Mariangela Giordano [as Marian Dana] (Rosita), Goffredo Unger [as Fredy Unger] (Yuma), Aldo De Carellis [as Albert Carl] (Ed/Sam, newspaperman), Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia [as Ivan G. Scott] (Manolo, Laredo henchman), Luciano Bonanni [as Larry Bona] (Joe, New Laredo bartender), Lucio Zarini [as Louis Zarini] (Laredo/Kid henchman), Alberto Dell'Acqua [as Albes des Novas/Albert Nova] (Richie), Luciano Pigozzi [as Alan Collins] (Domingo)
  • Also with: Fulvio Pellegrino (Alfred, storekeeper), Marco Morelli (Fitz, storekeeper assistant), Aysanoa Runachagua (Choctaw/Sonko, Kid henchman), Claudio Ruffini (Kid henchman), Sergio Ukmar (Yuma henchman), Giglio Gigli (townsman), Renzo Pevarello (Laredo henchman), Alexander Allerson
  • Story: Renato Savino
  • Screenplay: Antonio Margheriti
  • Music: Carlo Savina
  • Song: "Vengeance" sung by Don Powell
  • Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Eastmancolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Producers: Alfredo Leone, Renato Savino




Versions and runtimes

Runtime: 101 min

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 19.4.1968

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