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Jonathan degli orsi (Italy, Russia 1993 / Director: Enzo G. Castellari)

  • Runtime: 120 min
  • Release Date: 20.4.95
  • Shot in Russia

Also known as

Jonathan of the Bears | Die Rache des weißen Indianers (Germany) | Dzhonatan - drug medvedey (Russia) | Jonathan E o Urso (Brazil) | Jonathan zwany niedźwiedziem (Poland) | Jonathan z kmene medvědů (Czech Republic) | Джонатан от рода на мечките (Bulgaria) | Keoma 2

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Franco Nero (Jonathan), Floyd `Red Crow` Westerman (Chief Tawanka), David Hess (Sheriff Maddock/Murdock), Rodrigo Obregón (Kaspar, gang leader), Clive Riche (minstrel), Marie Louise Sinclair (Brothel Madam), Ennio Girolami [as Ennio Girolamo] (blonde Goodwin gunman), Bobby Rhodes (Williamson, Goodwin gunman), Boris Khmelnitsky (Goodwin gunman), Viktor Gajnov [as Victor Gainov] (Goodwin gunman), Knifewing Segura (Chatow), Melody Robertson (Shaya), Igor Alimov (Jonathan as a boy), Layla (bear), John Saxon (Fred Goodwin)
  • Also with: Natasha Sedelnikova (whore), Ben Anum-dorhuso, Viktor N. Leonov, Yevgeny K. Ohukkovsky, Alexander Volkov, Natasha Lebedova
  • Story: Franco Nero, Lorenzo de Luca
  • Screenplay Franco Nero, Lorenzo de Luca, Enzo G. Castellari
  • Cinematography: Mikhail Agranovitch (Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,66:1)
  • Music: Clive Riche, Aleksandr Belyayev, Fabio Costantino, Knifewing Segura
  • Producers: Franco Nero, Vittorio Noia, Alexandre Skodo


With a nod to Sergio Leone, this film, bills itself the first "borscht Western," It was photographed in Russia with a cast of Russians, Italians, and Americans. Jonathan Kowalski (Franco Nero) saw the murder of his parents as a child, but was able to flee into a bear cave, where he was ultimately found by local resident Indians. The Indians adopt the boy and treat him like one of their own, but Kowalski is determined to track down the murderers of his parents. The arrival of money hungry oil baron Goodwin (John Saxon), who wishes to exploit the sacred land of the Indians, interferes with Kowalski's quest.


Despite the nice locations, the decent cinematography and Franco Nero, the film is an unbelievable drag, especially the first half. The plot meanders along and the amount of flashbacks to Jonathan's past is almost unbearable, so is the meaningless yadayada by the very Taijik-looking Indians. The movie gets better in the second half, but only if you haven't fallen asleep by then. Worth watching just to check it off your list, but if you're into late spaghetti western reunions, you should try Keoma --Sebastian 21:45, 2 September 2008 (UTC)

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