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Le juge (France, Italy 1971 / Directors: Federico Chentrens, Jean Girault)

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  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 3.3.1971 (France)

Also known as

La loi a l'ouest du Pecos (France) | All'ovest di Sacramento (Italy) | Judge Roy Bean (U.S.A.) | Trouble in Sacramento (U.S.A.) | El juez (Spain) | Le juge Roy Bean (Belgium) | Zakon u Pekosu (Yugoslavia) | A Oeste de Sacramento (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast (Italian credits): Pierre Pierret (Judge Roy Bean / Rocco Pedace), Robert Hossein (Black Bird / 'The Sicilian'), Silvia Monti (Katherine), Angelo Infanti (Buck Carson), Paola Borboni (Victoria), Xavier Gélin (Slim, Bean lieutenant), Francoise Girault (Dolly), Cristina Gaioni (blonde orphan), Silvio Bagolini (Joe Picadilly), Ugo Fangareggi (Rooster), Tiberio Murgia (Post Mortem, undertaker), Giuliano Disperati (Antonio, Black Bird lieutenant), Carlo Delle Piane (town crier), Stefania Pecci, Franco Gulà (Jeremiah), Antonio Gradoli, Claudio Trionfi, Nerina Montagnani, Salvatore Campochiaro [as Turi Campochiaro] (orphanage visitor), Serafino Profumo, Daniela Badiali, Muriel Blain, Jacqueline Chiauvaud, Giuliana Serpentini
  • Also with: Werner Hasselmann (preacher), Fulvio Pelegrino (jurist), Mimmo Poli (witness), Augusto Innocenzi (Black Bird croupier), Romano Targa (Black Bird bartender), Fortunato Arena (gambler), Marcello Meconizzi (saloon patron), Alberigo Donadeo (saloon patron), Milena Zampana (saloon patron), Romano Milano (saloon patron), Mario Ingrassia (striptease observer), Ugo Ballester (striptease observer), Alfonso Giganti (striptease observer), Manlio Salvatori (Langtry citizen), Anne-Marie Balin, Alberto Alessandri
  • Story: Jacques Villfrid, based on characters created by Goscinny & Morris
  • Screenplay: Luigi Angelo, Federico Chentrens, Oscar De Mans
  • Cinematography: Mario Fioretti [Kodakcolor, Panoramico]
  • Music: Pierre Perret
  • Song: "Le juge Roy Bean" sung by Pierre Perret
  • Producers: Maurice Jacquin, Paul Laffargue


In a small western town the ineffable Judge Roy Bean metes out justice in his own special way. A cargo of gold is ambushed by the outlaw Black Bird who fails in the attempt and then rides into town.


Based on an early Lucky Luke comic, but there probably isn't much left of it. But it is at least some kind of comedy.

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