Kit & Co.

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Kit & Co (East Germany 1974 / Director: Konrad Petzold)

  • Runtime: 105 min
  • Release Date: 19.12.1974

Also known as

Kit und Co. – Lockruf des Goldes (Germany) | A két aranyásó (Hungary) | Kit a spol. (Czechoslovakia / Czech Republic) | Kid & Companhia (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Dean Reed (Christopher “Kit” Bellew), Rolf Hoppe (Shorty), Renate Blume (Joy Gastell), Manfred Krug (Wild Water Bill), Monika Woytowicz (Lucille Arral), Armin Mueller-Stahl (Mr. Slavovitz), Siegfried Kilian (Louis Gastell), Hans Lucke (Colonel Bowie), Christoph Beyertt (mayor), Ralph Boettner (Big Burke), Hannjo Hasse (Captain Consadine), Gerry Wolff (Shunk Wilson), Willi Schrade (tall man), Bodo Schmidt (croupier), Edgar Külow (O’Hara), Pedro Hebenstreit (saloon patron), Peter Heiland (saloon patron), Mathias Molter (saloon patron), Volker Steinkopff (saloon patron), Hasso Wardeck (saloon patron), Fred Ludwig (gold panner), Alfred Lux (scatterbrain), Fritz Mohr (Gautereaux), Karlheiz Scherf, Willi Neuenhahn (worker), Horst Papke, Jörg Knochee, Joseph Schorn, Klaus Tilsner (Harvey Moran), Jenny Jules, Sean Rocks, Dave Schneider, Hans Wehrl, Hasso Wardeck, Peter Heiland (saloon patron), Nico Turoff (trapper), Mirko Musil (shoemaker), Hans-Uwe Wardeck (young man), Sina Fiedler (a woman)
  • Story: “Smoke Bellew” by Jack London
  • Screenplay: Gunter Karl
  • Cinematograpy: Hans Heinrich [Orwocolor, widescreen]
  • Music: Karl-Ernst Sasse
  • Producer: Dorothea Hildebrandt


The adventures of Kit Bellew, a young gold miner, and his friend Shorty during the Alaskan gold rush.


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