Kolonie Lanfieri

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Kolonie Lanfieri (Czechoslovakia, Soviet Union 1969 / Director: Jan Schmidt)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern
  • Runtime: 84 min
  • Release Date: 26.9.1969

Also known as

The Lanfieri Colony (International English title), The Colony Lanfieri (English festival title).

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Juozas Budrajtis (Horn), Zuzana Kocúriková (Ester), Václav Neckář (fool Bekeko), Michal Dočolomanský (young Dribb), Josef Elsner (old Dribb), Beta Poničanová (Saba), Bohumil Vávra (Artis, Ester's father), Andrej Fait (Lanfieri), Bolot Beyshenaliyev (Goupi, swineherd), Karel Čížek (farmer), František Fontén (farmer), Miroslav Kalný (farmer), Vladimír Navrátil (farmer), František Nechyba (farmer), Miloslav Svoboda (farmer), František Seba (old farmer), Miroslav Lanka (card player), Miloslav Novák (card player), Gustav Vondráček (card player).
  • Story: Alexandr Grin (his samename short story)
  • Screenplay: Jan Schmidt
  • Cinematography: Jiří Macháně
  • Music: Jiří Šust
  • Conductor: František Belfín
  • Editor: Miroslav Hájek
  • Art Directors: Jaroslav Krška, Georgij Kolganov
  • Set Decorators: Vladimír Mácha, Vladimír Slepička
  • Costume Designer: Theodor Pištěk
  • Producers: Miloslav Procházka, Dimitrij Geršengorin


A handsome young man called Horn gets off a Dutch ship on a small godforsaken island. He builds a shack by the mountain lake and sometimes goes to the local village to buy things. He spends his days fishing and hunting with the local fool Bekeko. Beautiful Ester, fiancée of a young man called Dribb, sometimes comes to visit. A strong bond of trust develops between Horn and Ester, and he confesses to her why he deserted his previous life. He fell in love with a girl from a rich family and didn't have enough money to marry her. One day, Horn's peaceful days at the island are suddenly over. He discovers gold in the local brook and begins to pan it enthusiastically. He starts longing to return to the world of money as a rich man. He refuses Ester's love and even kills the harmless Bekeko. He also shoots Ester's fiancé in a fight. Before he dies, the young man manages to utter Horn's name, and men from the village come to take vengeance on him. They surround Horn in his shack. Trying to save his bare life, Horn throws purses full of gold at the natives. He uses the confusion that follows to escape but is caught and shot on the shore of the sea that was to be his saviour.

  • Source: NFA - Národní filmový archiv v Praze (Česká republika) | NFA - The National Film Archive in Prague (Czech Republic)


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