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Kung Fu nel pazzo west

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Kung Fu nel pazzo west (Italy, Hong Kong 1973 / Director: Man Yi Yang (as George Bange))

Kung Fu nel pazzo west DatabasePage.jpg


Also known as

...Altrimenti vi ammucchiamo (Italy) (alternative title) | I fratelli del kung fu (Italy) (video title) | Golden City (Europe: English title) | Man from Golden City | Kung Fu Brothers in the Wild West (U.S.A.) | Master Killers (U.K.) | 2 chinois dans l'ouest (France) | Winchester, kung-fu et karate (France) | Long hu zheng (Hong Kong) | Lung foo ching sai Hong Kong (China) | Karatê No Oeste Selvagem (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: William Berger (Steve/Blonde Angel), Jason Pai Piao (Chen), Donal O'Brien (Don), Kao Kang Thompson (Dragon), Tang Chin Ho (Treccia Torneo), Rose Marie Lindt (Ellen), Winnie Tang (as Winnie Pei Nei)(Chou), Attilio Dotttesio (outlaw), Tony Liu Jun-Guk (martial arts student), Ang Saan (martial arts student), Po Chih Leo (Leung Po-Chih), Sally Leh (Sa La Leh), Joe Chan, Wu Choon Hu, Tang Kwoksze, Chin-Ku Lu, Lee Wan-Chun
  • Story: Ngai Hon, Tu Lung Li, Carlo Mancori
  • Screenplahy: Ngai Hon, Tu Lung Li, Carlo Mancori
  • Cinematography: Hsun Yang (as Albert Young), Manuel Ruiz [Technicolor, Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Franco Bracardi
  • Producers: Man Yi Yang (as Yeo Ban Yee), Edoard Sarlui


A Kung-Fu fighter and his brother run away from a very important fight in China and are trailed to the United States by his opponent, where he finds him and a gang of outlaws in a small western town.