La ballade des Dalton

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La ballade des Dalton (France 1976 / Directors: Henri Gruel, Pierre Watrin, René Goscinny, Morris)

Also known as

De ballade van de Daltons (Belgium) | The Ballad of the Daltons (UK) | The Ballad of Dalton (USA) | Lucky Luke - Sein größter Trick (Germany) | La balada de los Dalton (Spain) | A Balada dos Dalton (Portugal) | La ballata dei Dalton (Italy) | La balada de los Dalton (Argentinia) | A Balada dos Dalton (Brazil) | I ekdikisi ton Dalton (Greece) | Ballada o Daltonach (Poland) | A Daltonok szökésben (Hungary) | Srecni Lukec in bratje Dalton (Slovenia) | Lucky Luke og Dalton brødrene (Denmark) | Lucky Luke i bröderna Daltons hämnd (Sweden) | Lucky Luke sotapolulla (Finland) | Lucky Luke og Daltonbrødrene (Norway)

Cast and crew

  • Cast (voices): Daniel Ceccaldi (Lucky Luke), Pierre Trabaud (Joe Dalton), Jacques Balutin (William Dalton), Gérard Hernandez (Jack Dalton), Pierre Tornade (Averell Dalton), René Goscinny (Jolly Jumper), Bernard Haller (Ran Tan Plan), Jacques Fabbri (Thadeus Collins, prison director), Roger Carel (Min Li Foo/Mathias Bones), Jacques Deschamps (Bud Bugman, train conductor), Michel Elias (Plume de serpent, Indian sorcerer), Roger Lumont (Pancho), Jacques Legras (Augustus Betting), Jacques Morel (Sam Game), Ada Lonati (Carmen), Henri Poirier (Groovy), Jean-Marc Thibault (Doctor Aldous Smith), Rosy Varte (Miss Worthlesspenny), Henri Virlojeux (Tom O'Connor)
  • Screenplay: Morris, René Goscinny, Pierre Tchernia
  • Film editing: Pierre Chabal, René Chaussy, Henri Gruel, Francis Nielsen
  • Music: Claude Bolling
  • Song: "La ballade des Dalton" sung by Eric Christy
  • Producer: George Dargaud


The Daltons find that their great uncle has left them a huge fortune in his will. Only it seems that in order for the will to be executed the uncle wants his nephews to “take care” of the judge and jury who put him away all those years ago. Trouble is he also appointed the one trustworthiest man he knew to make sure the Daltons carry out his wishes – Lucky Luke himself! Breaking out of jail, they capture Luke and make a deal to split the gold with him if he helps out, with the intention of disposing our hero before he can claim his reward. Of course, Luke hasn’t turned bad at all and manages to warn those on the hit list and turn the tables on the Daltons.


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