La ballade des Dalton/OST

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  • Music Box Records MBR-086 / 3-CD Box Set / Stereo
  • Composer: Claude Bolling
  • 12-page color booklet with with liner notes, posters & film stills
  • also includes the scores from Daisy Town and the 2nd Lucky Luke TV series (1991-92)


Track listing:

  1. Lucky Luke Theme
  2. La ballade des Dalton (Vocal: Eric Christy)
  3. Augustus Betting
  4. Rantanplan
  5. Funèbre dérisoire
  6. Tobias Wills
  7. Lucky Luke Saloon
  8. Galop Lucky Luke
  9. Dalton's March
  10. Ming Li Foo
  11. Thaddeus Collins
  12. Galop Dalton
  13. Plume de serpent dans le desert
  14. Dalton's Musical
  15. Auberge mexicaine
  16. Tom O'Connor
  17. La mine hantée
  18. Scenic Railways
  19. Sam Game Saloon
  20. Sam Game Choral
  21. Le train fou
  22. Le train fou (suite et fin)
  23. Mathias Bones
  24. Barber Shop Quartet
  25. Le rodéo du Juge Groovy
  26. Final - I'm a Poor Lonesome Cowboy (instrumental)
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