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La mula de Cullen Baker

From The Spaghetti Western Database

La mula de Cullen Baker (Mexico, 1971) Director: René Cardona (as René Cardona Sr.)

Mexico-flag.jpg This is a Mexican-Western
  • Runtime: 85 min.
  • Release Date: 09.10.1971

Also known as

Cullen Baker's Mule

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Rodolfo De Anda, Anel, Jorge Russek, Armando Acosta, Carlos Agostí, René Cardona III, René Cardona, Carlos Cardán, Gloria Chávez, José Dupeyrón, Juan Gallardo, Alfredo Gutiérrez, Jesús Gómez, Regino Herrera, Ismael Larumbe, Carlos León, José L. Murillo, Roger Oropeza, Raúl Valerio, Christa von Humboldt, Gerardo Zepeda
  • Screenplay: René Cardona
  • Cinematography: Xavier Cruz
  • Music: Gustavo César Carrión


A young Cullen Baker rides his mule throughout the old west with his father, when bandits attack them, killing his father. Cullen becomes a loner, again riding a mule through the west and getting into trouble wherever he goes. When a soldier shows him the Colt Dragon revolver, a newly invented six shooter, he becomes obsessed with obtaining this gun as a means to empower himself. After murdering two soldiers and taking their revolvers, Cullen proceeds to rob banks and shoot down anyone who dares confront him.

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