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Land Raiders (USA 1969 / Director: Nathan Juran)

Usflag450x255.jpg This is a US Western

Also known as

Al infierno gringo (Spain) | Fahr zur Hölle, Gringo (Germany / Austria) | Bruciatelo vivo! (Italy) | L'ouest en feu (France) | Gringon rautakoura (Finland) | Hvid skalpejæger (Denmark) | O vilão do Arizona (Portugal) | The Day of the Landgrabber | A Luta pela Terra (Brazil)
Land Raiders movie poster


An Arizona land-grabber and his brother renew their feud amid Army troops and Apaches.


  • Cast: Telly Savalas (Vince Carden), George Maharis (Paul Cardenas), Arlene Dahl (Martha Carden), Janet Landgard (Kate Mayfield), Guy Rolfe (Major Tanner), Paul Picerni (Carney), Phil Brown (Sheriff John Mayfield), George Coulouris (Senor Juan Cardenas), Paul Picerni [as H.P. Picerni](Arturo), Jocelyn Lane (Louisa Rojas), Fernando Rey (priest), Robert Carricart (Julio Rojas), John Clark (Ace), Charles Stalmaker [as Charles Stalnaker](Frank Willis), Marcella Saint-Amant (Luisa Montoya), Gustavo Rojo (Juantez)
  • Also with: Charly Bravo (Carden henchman), Susan Harvey (Mrs. Ruth Willis), Juan Olaguivel (cantina barman), Ben Tatar (Loomis), Herman Reynoso (Carden henchman), Rafael Albaicín (Apache), Ralph Brown (Forge River rancher), Agustín Bescos (Forge River resident), Raúl Castro (scalped Apache), Mario de Barros (Apache)
  • Story: Jesse Lasky, Jr., Ken Pettus, Pat Silver
  • Screenplay: Ken Pettus
  • Cinematography: Wilkie Cooper [Technicolor - widescreen 1.85:1]
  • Music: Bruno Nicolai
  • Producers: Roy Rowland, Charles H. Schneer



One of the film's posters was used to create a fictitious spaghetti western for Quentin Tarantino's "Once Upon a Time Hollywood".

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 101 min

Release Dates

TBC, contact the SWDb with info.

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