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Langer Ritt nach Eden, Ein

From The Spaghetti Western Database

Ein langer Ritt nach Eden (West Germany 1971 / Director: Günter Hendel)

Also known as

A Long Ride to Eden

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Michael Eder (as Mike Run) (Langer), Günter Hendel (Jack), Karin Heske (Lucy), Achim Hammer (Joshua), Ingrid Steeger (Rachel Stevens), Derek Brand (Elmer), Nevanka Dundek (Kamiah), Boris Carazza
  • Story: Robert S. Gordon
  • Screenplay: Robert S. Gordon
  • Cinematography: Lutz Ziervogel [color]
  • Music: Stanley Fromm + Walter Geiger
  • Producer: Günter Hendel


Two outlaws terrorize two Quaker married couples with violence and sex.


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