Ley del Colt, La

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La colt è la mia legge (Spain, Italy 1965 / Director: Alfonso Brescia [as Al Bradley])

  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Release Date: 20.8.1965

Also known as

La colt è la mia legge (Italy) | The Colt Is My Law (U.K.) | My Gun is the Law (U.S.A.) | The Gun Is My Law (Norway) | Stirb aufrecht, Gringo! | Stirb aufrecht, Schurke | Der Colt ist Mein (Germany) | Le colt c'est ma loi (France) | Silahim Kanunumdur (Turkey) | O Ringo tha htypisi apopse (Greece) | Stirb aufrecht, Cowboy (Austria, unconfirmed) | O Colt é Minha Lei (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Ángel del Pozo [as Anthony Clark](George Benson), Luciana Gilli [as Lucy Gilly](Lupe/Louise/Lisa O'Brien), Miguel de la Riva [as Michael Rivers/Martin](Peter Webb/Clinton), Franco Cobianchi D'Este [as Franco d'Este / Peter White](Henry O'Brien), José Riesgo (Davidson, railroad man), Aldo Cecconi [as Jim Clay](Sheriff Jack), Livio Lorenzon (O'Brien henchman), Rafael Alcántara, Enrico Glori [as Henry Golt], Milo Quesada (Dave, O'Brien henchman), Nino Nini (Don Esteban, mine owner)
  • Also with: Germano Longo [as Grant Laramy](Mark, O'Brien lieutenant), Lucio De Santis [as Charles Johnson](Pedro, stage bandit), Renato Chiantoni (Sam, barman), Manuel Guitián (Clemens, fireworks expert), Bruno Ukmar (Stevens, O'Brien henchman), Franco Ukmar (Hamilton, O'Brien henchman), Clemente Ukmar (O'Brien recruit), Giancarlo Ukmar (O'Brien recruit), Gonzalo Esquiroz (deputy), Antonio Danesi (2nd stage driver), Dan Silver, Stella Finney
  • Story: Alfonso Brescia [as Al Bradley], Franco Cobianchi [as Franco D'Este], Ramón Comas Turner, Adriano Micantoni, Mario Musy
  • Screenplay: Franco Cobianchi [as Franco D'Este], Mario Musy, Ramón Comas Turner, Alfonso Brescia
  • Cinematography: Eloy Mella [Eastmancolor - Panoramica]
  • Music: Carlos Castellanos Gómez
  • Producer: John Stolf


Two undercover federal agents try to find out who is behind railroad robberies in the town of San Felipe. One works for a suspected rancher and the other gains the confidence of his daughter through romance.


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