Lola Colt

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Lola Colt (Italy 1967 / Director: Siro Marcellini)

  • Runtime: 84 min
  • Filming Dates: July - early August 1967
  • Release Date: 22.10.1967

Also known as

Lola prendi la Colt (Italy, working title) | Black Tigress (U.S.A.) | Faccia a faccia con El Diablo (alternative Italian title) | Lola Colt... Sie spuckt dem Teufel ins Gesicht (Germany) | Kara Seylan Lola (Turkey) | Lola Baby | O Colt Que Não Perdoa (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Lola Falana (Lola Gate), Pietro Martellanz [as Peter Martell](Rod Strader), Germán Cobos (Larry 'El Diablo' Stern), Tom Felleghy (Don Rogers/Rodriguez), Evar Maran [as Evaristo Maran](The Priest), Erna Schürer (Rose Rogers/Rodriguez), Dada Gallotti (Virginia Blake), Marilena Possenti (troupe singer), Giovanni Petti [as John Petty](Slim, troupe manager), Bernard Berat, Alex Antonelli, Franco Daddi [as Frank Dady](Paco, El Diablo lieutenant), Eva Inoka, Carlo Davini, Attilio Corsini, Lea Monaco, Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia [as Ivan Scratuglia](innkeeper), Enzo Santaniello (Pablito)
  • Screenplay: Luigi Angelo, Lamberto Antonelli, Siro Marcellini
  • Cinematography: Giuseppe La Torre [Telecolor - VistaVision 2,35:1]
  • Music: Ubaldo Continiello
  • Trumpet soloist: Renzo Patuelli
  • Songs: “Why Did You Go?”, “You’re the One I Love”, “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, "Scrivimi il tuo nome", "Uno come te" sung by Lola Falana
  • Producer: Aldo Pace


A travelling "corps de ballet" is stranded in a small Western town, where the town is being terrorized by an outlaw named El Diablo. In order to hold the town at bay, he is holding several citizens as hostages. In an exciting turn of events, a medical student and Lola Colt, one of the dancers, rebel against El Diablo in an attempt to rescue the hostages. An unusual, exciting western.