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Los hijos de Satanás

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Los hijos de Satanás (Mexico, 1972) Director: Rafael Baledón

Mexico-flag.jpg This is a Mexican-Western
  • Runtime:
  • Release Date: 12.10.1972

Also known as

Y los llamaban Satanás (Spain)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Jorge Rivero, Regina Torné, Juan Miranda, Gina Romand, Domingo Bazán, Pancho Córdova, José Dupeyrón, Federico Falcón, Jorge Zamora
  • Written by:
  • Cinematography: Gabriel Figueroa
  • Music:


Two sworn enemies must put aside their differences and join forces to catch a gang of thieves led by a woman called "The Yara". They must fight to save their village from the bandits and do everything necessary to prevent The Yara from controlling their destinies.

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