Los indomables

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Los indomables (aka Los dos indomables) (Mexico, 1972) Director: Alberto Mariscal

  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Release Date: November 16, 1972

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Mario Almada (Sheriff), Rodolfo de Anda (Nick Sanders), Pedro Armendáriz Jr. (Big Bill), Jorge (Blacktown Sheriff), Claudia Islas, Gina Morett, Jorge Arvizu, Ray Moyer (as Ray Moller), Bruno Rey, Arturo Guzman, Mario Silva, Agustín Isunza, Arturo Silva, Hernando Name, Arturo Pizano
  • Written by: Ramón Obón, Miguel Olivares Tovar, Keith Luger
  • Cinematography: Fernando Álvarez Garces
  • Music: Gustavo César Carrión, Ernesto Cortazár Jr.
  • Location: El Arenal, Durango, Mexico
  • Distributed by: Producciones Rosas Priego


  • A veteran lawman (Mario Almada) must escort a brutal and bloodthirsty bandit Big Bill (Pedro Armendáriz Jr.), back to the prison from which he escaped. On the way, the commissioner is wounded and only finds the assistance of Nick Sanders (Rodolfo de Anda), a young homeless man with great skill with weapons. The lawman and Sanders establish a friendly relationship, and Sanders agrees to escort the bandit. However, the two protagonists are pursued by hostile forces: the prisoner's gang, led by Bruno Rey; and law enforcement officers, who are looking for Sanders for murder. The meeting point is in a town where the local sheriff (Jorge Russek) tries to fulfill his duty by hosting the prisoner while facing the pressures and fears of the townspeople.

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