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Lucky Luke (Italy, USA 1991 / Director: Terence Hill)

Also known as

Lucky Luke: Daisy Town (Germany) | Lucky Luke - De snelste schutter van het wilde westen (Netherlands) | Lucky Luke (France) | Un pistolero con suerte (Spain) | Lucky Luke Rides Again (U.S.A.) | Šťastný Luke (Czechoslovakia) | Щастливият Люк (Bulgaria)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Terence Hill (Sheriff Lucky Luke), Nancy Morgan (Lotta Legs), Ron Carey (Joe Dalton) Fritz Sperberg (Averill Dalton), Dominic Barto (William Dalton), Bo Greigh (as Bo Gray)(Jack Dalton), Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinidad (as Arsenio 'Sonny' Trinitad)(Ming La Pu), Mark Hardwick (Hank), Neil Summers (Deputy Virgil), Buff Douthitt (Mayor), Sky Fabin (Digger Graves), Marc Mouchet (Seth Schultz), Radha Delamarter (Martha Schultz), Robin Westphal (Corinne), Deborah Mansy (Belle), Amy Martin (saloon girl), Kira Davis (saloon girl), Robyn Reede (saloon girl), Jack Caffrey (Bowler), Jack Caffrey (man in wheelchair), Nicholas Anthony (Ace), Kenny Dickerson (Lieutenant Michael Reed), Phil Tracy Delgado (mine worker), Dave Thomas (Indian Chief), Kee Babe Elsisie (Two Feathers), Frederick Lopez (Coyote Fox), Jose Rey Toledo (Red Foot), Carl Allrunner Vicenti (Sick Eagle), William P. Yazzie (Snake in the Grass), Kenneth White II (Indian), Virginia Bird (Indian), Richard Montoya (Indian), Pete Oka (lonely Indian), Redbird (Fast Deer), Boots Southerland (drunken cowboy), Michael Morrow (cowpoke), Dan Berryman (cowpoke), Michael Pritchard (wrangler), Adam Taylor (outlaw), James Tarwater (cardplayer), Jerry Hardy (cardplayer), Arthur Collins (big-eyed cowboy), Stéphanie Barber (Berk County woman), Douglas Eckberg (Vice President), John Quade (Frank), Will Seltzer (Pete), John Barks (Otto), Maureen Mahon (Diva), Paula Baz (Rosey), Andrea Camarena-Lindsay (Peaches), Charlene Stockton (big woman), Dorothea Brown (Signora McCreedy), Patricia Ripley (Signora Alsop), Sam Hammond (stagecoach driver), Hange Rogerson (elegant man), Malandrin (Jolly Jumper)
  • Story: Maurice de Bevere (as Morris), René Goscinny
  • Screenplay: Lori Hill
  • Cinematography: Carlo Tafani, Gianfranco Transunto [color]
  • Music: David Grover, Aaron Schröder (as Aaron Schroeder)
  • Song: "Lucky Luke Rides Again" sung by Roger Miller
  • Producer: Luciano Bompani


After a quick history of how the West was won, complete with a peace treaty signed by Indians to permit US expansion, Daisy Town springs up. It's a rough-and-tumble place until Lucky Luke (Terence Hill) and his horse, Jolly Jumper (voiced by Roger Miller), who serves as the film's narrator, hit town. Luke quickly cleans up the town, which proves bad for the once bustling saloon and undertaker businesses.


  • Based on the comic book series Lucky Luke by Morris and Goscinny.
  • The "Daisy Town" western town was the first set constructed at Bonanza Creek Ranch.
  • The film company also built a ranch house at the Valles Caldera that was used in The Missing.
  • Triggered an 8-episode spin-off TV series

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