Lunghi giorni dell'odio, I

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I lunghi giorni dell'odio (Italy 1968 / Director: Gianfranco Baldanello)

Also known as

This Man Can't Die (USA) | Seine Winchester pfeift das Lied vom Tod (Germany) | Ringo ne devait pas mourir (France) | Deze man mag niet sterven (Belgium) | Uppgörelsen (Sweden) | Tämä mies ei kuole (Finland) | Agria ekdikisi (Greece) | Den mand må ikke dø (Denmark) | O longo Dia do odio (Portugal) | Este hombre no puede morir (Argentinia) | Benson el implacable (Argentinia) | Este Homem Não Deve Morrer (Brazil)
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Guy Madison stars as a government agent who becomes an avenger on the trail of Vic Graham, a rich town boss whose men murdered his family and raped his mute sister. Together with his young brother, the two find the powerful boss and engage him in a vicious gun battle.


  • Cast (International): Guy Madison (Martin Benson), Lucienne Bridou (Susan Benson), Rik Battaglia (Vic Graham), Rosalba Neri (Melina), Steve Merrick [as Steve Merrich] (Arrius Benson), Anna Liotti (Jenny Benson), Giola Desideri (Lillian), Alberto Dell'Acqua (Daniel Benson), Pietro Martellanza [as Peter Martell] (Tony Guy), Silvana Jachino (Mrs. Benson), Daniele Riccardi (Brunish, rapist ?), Attilio Dottesio (Doc Parker), John Bartha (sheriff), Gaetano Scala (Darney, Graham lieutenant), Franco Gulà (Joe), Franco Pesce (Barnaby), Ilse Scholzel [as Jlse Scholzel] (Christine), Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia [as Ivan Scratuglia], Giovanni Querrel [as Querel Giovanni] (John Benson), Fortunato Arena (Jack)
  • Uncredited: Harold Miller Null (Captain), Luciano Bonanni (saloon piano player), Aysanoa Runachagua (Indian), Paolo Magalotti (Carl), Emilio Zago (Ralph, freight clerk), Bruno Arié (Graham henchman), Mario Dionisi (Graham henchman), Luciano Doria (Graham henchman), Rinaldo Zamperla (Graham henchman), Michele Branca (Graham henchman), Silvano Zuddas (Graham henchman)
  • Director: Gianfranco Baldanello
  • Story: Luigi Emmanuele
  • Screenplay: Luigi Emmanuele, Gino Mangini, Gianfranco Baldanello
  • Cinematography: Claudio Cirillo [Eastmancolor, Panorama]
  • Music: by Amedeo Tommasi
  • Song: "Life" sung by ?
  • Producers: Alberto Marucchi, Gino Rossi



A track of the score is lifted from "A Fistful of Dollars".

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 90 min

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 5.4.1968

Filming locations

Production and business


Guy Madison's voice is dubbed on the English release.

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