Lungo giorno del massacro, Il

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Il lungo giorno del massacro (Italy 1968 / Director: Alberto Cardone [as Albert Cardiff])

  • Runtime: 103 min
  • Release Date: 29.8.1968

Also known as

The Long Day of the Massacre (USA) | Das Gesetz der Erbarmungslosen (German video title) | Hängt den Sheriff (German DVD title) | Massacre pour un sherif (France) | Häng sheriffen! (Sweden) | Nekrotafeia dihos tafous (Greece) | O Longo Dia do Massacre (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Pietro Martellanz [as Peter Martell] (Joe Williams), Manuel Serrano (Pedro “La Muerte”), Luisa Baratto [as Liz Barrett] (Lara), Daniela Giordano (Paquita), Franco Fantasia (Clay), Ralph Webb (Alan?), Andrea Fantasia (Judge), Gaetano Imbrò, Ugo Adinolfi, Roel Bos [as Glenn Saxson] (Evans)
  • Also with: Fortunato Arena (Green brother), Ettore Arena (younger Green brother), Giglio Gigli (Ramirez)
  • Story: Mario Gariazzo
  • Screenplay: Alberto Cardone, Armando Morandi, Mario Gariazzo
  • Cinematography: Aldo Greci [Eastmancolor - Ultrascope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Michele Lacerenza
  • Producer: Alberto Cardone


When sheriff Joe Williams (Martell) is unjustly accused of the murder of a young couple, which was in reality committed by the Mexican "La Muerte", Joe becomes a wanted man. Joe manages to steal and hide the loot from a bank robbery committed by the Mexican gang, but then is captured by them, but the new sheriff (Saxson), Joe's friend, is on their trail.

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