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Magnifici brutos del West, I

From The Spaghetti Western Database

I magnifici Brutos del West (Italy, Spain, France 1964 / Director: Marino Girolami)

Magnificent Brutes of the West22.jpg Contents:

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 23.12.1964

Also known as

Los brutos en el Oeste (Spain) | Badmen of the West (U.S.A.) | Magnificent Brutes of the West (U.S.A.) | Les terreurs de l'Ouest (France)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: I Brutos [Ettore Bruno (Artie), Dino Cassio (Lee), Gianni Zullo (Jhonny), Aldo Maccione (Pep)], Giacomo Rossi-Stuart [as G.R. Stuart](Sheriff Gary Smith), Emma Penella (Mabel / Lucy), Darry Cowl (Tom Callahan/Jackson), Alfredo Mayo (Slim/Philip Dodge), Carrol Brawn, George Steel, Alberto Cevenini [as Kirk Bert](stage office clerk), Julio Peña (Fresno sheriff), Ignazio Spalla [as Ignatius Shoulder](Slim lieutenant), Erme Lind, Doris Clay, Jim Bathlan, Paul Otho, David Dimple, Marco Mariani [as Mark Marine](poker challenger), Eddy Flanaghan, Franch Sweet, Nello Pazzafini [as Arthur Red](Fresno thug), Ervin Zacary
  • Also with: Eugenio Galadini (Uncle Sal Capone), Pietro Ceccarelli Slim henchman), Emilio Messina (Fresno thug), Roberto Messina (Fresno thug), Giulio Mauroni (Fresno troublemaker), Pasquale Fasciano (man in coffin), Ennio Antonelli (bartender), Julian Piaget
  • Story: Tito Carpi [as Mathias MacDonald], Marino Giorolami [as Fred Wilson]
  • Screenplay: Tito Carpi [as Mathias MacDonald], Marino Giorolami [as Fred Wilson]
  • Cinematography: Alvaro Mancori [as Al World] [Eastmancolor, Dyaliscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Francesco De Masi [as Frank Mason]
  • Producers: Mario Siciliano, Alvaro Mancori, Anna Maria Chretien, Emiliano Piedra


I Brutos arrive in town during a gunfight and mistakenly think it is a celebration of their arrival. They start shooting their guns and kill all the villains but unfortunately their uncle is killed. They inherit his funeral parlor and the first client wants them to transport a coffin to another location which hides a stash of dollars.

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