Man in the Wilderness

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Man in the Wilderness (USA, Spain 1971 / Director: Richard C. Sarafian)

Also known as

Un om in salbaticie (Romania) | Ein Mann in der Wildnis (Germany) | Uomo bianco va' col tuo Dio (Italy) | Manden i Vildmarken (Denmark) | El hombre de una tierra salvaje (Spain) | Un om in salbaticie (France) | Mannen i vildmarken (Sweden) | Fúria Selvagem (Brazil) | Um Homem na Solidão (Portugal) | Vahsi adam (Turkey) | Człowiek w dziczy (Poland)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Richard Harris (Zachary Bass), John Huston (Captain Filmore Henry), Prunella Ransome (Grace Bass), Percy Herbert (Fogarty), Dennis Waterman (Jamie Lowrie), Henry Wilcoxon (Chief Red Thorn), Sheila Raynor, Norman Rossington (Harry Ferris), James Doohan (Benoit), Bryan Marshall (Potts), Ben Carruthers (John Longbow), Robert Russell (Jedediah 'Deacon' Smith), John Bindon (John Coulter), Bruce M. Fischer (Wiser), Dean Selmier (Russell), Sheila Raynor (Grace's mother), Manolo Landau (Zachary Bass as a child), William Layton (school master), Judith Furse (nurse), Ines Acosta (pregnant squaw), Rudy Althoff, Raúl Castro (Indian), Tony Cyrus (Indian), Tamara Sie (Indian), Joaquín Solà­s (ambushed trapper), Martha Tuck (woman with trapper), Peggy the bear (grizzly bear)
  • Story: Jack De Witt
  • Screenplay: Jack De Witt
  • Cinematography: Gerry Fisher [Technicolor, Panavision 2,35:1]
  • Music: Johnny Harris
  • Producer: Sandy Howard


In the 1820's northwest, a trapper is left for dead after being mauled by a grizzly bear. He fights to survive and get back to civilization and settle accounts with those who left him behind.

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