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Die Hölle von Manitoba (West Germany, Spain 1965 / Director: Sheldon Reynolds [as Ralph Gideon [International]])

  • Runtime: 93 min
  • Release Date: 27.7.1965

Also known as

Un lugar llamado Glory (Spain) | A Place Called Glory (U.S.A.) | Um lugar chamado Pólvora (Portugal) | Die Unbesiegbaren (Germany) | Die Hölle von Manitoba (Germany) | Die weiße Hölle von Manitoba (Austria) | L'enfer du Manitoba (France) | Sfida a Glory City (Italy) | Manitoban helvetti (Finland) | Enas apo tous dyo mas tha pethani... (Greece) | Kanunsuzlar (Turkey) | Peklo Manitoby (Czech Republic) | Duelo Em Glory City (Brazil) | Glory City

Cast and crew

  • Cast (German credits): Lex Barker (Clint Brenner), Pierre Brice (Reese), Marianne Koch (Jade Grande), Gèrard Tichy (Jack Vallone / Joe Villaine), Hans Nielsen (poker player), Carlos Casaravilla (Judge Richter), Wolfgang Lukschy (Charley, batender), Ángel del Pozo (Josh, farmer), Aldo Sambrell (Jake, Vallone lieutenant), Santiago Ontañón (George, Glory City bigwig), Antonio Molino Rojo (Jeb, Vallone henchman), Jorge Rigaud (Seth Grande), Roberto Martín (young farmer) [Spanish credit], Víctor Israel (hotel clerk) [Spanish], Santiago Rivero (Glory City mayor) [Spanish], Alfonso Rojas (poker player) [Spanish], Gonzalo Esquiroz (Vallone henchman) [Spanish], Mario de Barros (Vallone henchman, whittler) [Spanish], César Ojinaga (Vallone henchman) [Spanish]
  • Also with: Gaspar Gonzalez (Roy, Vallone henchman), Luis Barboo (Glory City gunman), Moisés Augusto Rocha (Glory City gunman), Angel Lombarte (Glory City gunman), Ángel Menendez (saloon patron), José Paloma (Glory City citizen), Miguel Angel Gil ?
  • Story: Jerold Hayden Boyd [as F.X. Toole]
  • Screenplay: Jerold Hayden Boyd [as F.X. Toole], Edward Di Lorenzo, Fernando Lamas
  • Cinematography: Federico G. Larraya [Technicolor, Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Ángel Arteaga
  • Producers: Artur Brauner, Miguel De Echarri


In this western, the town of Glory prepares to stage its annual Founder's Day showdown on Main Street. The guest gunslingers this year are two notorious gunmen, but a mysterious stranger shows up to tell the Mayor that he has recently killed one of the scheduled gunfighters and now intends to take his place in the contest.


Nothing in the film indicates any reason why they came up with the name "Manitoba". Marianne Koch is also in A Fistful of Dollars. Lex Barker and Pierre Brice also star in a series of Karl May adaptations, this is the only time outside those that they were in a film together. The movie features some common spaghetti western faces, such as Aldo Sambrell.


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