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This is a very late Spaghetti Western (1977) and this was the first time I saw this - what I consider now an underrated, overlooked and quite excellent - film. Merli does a great job as the badass anti-hero with the axe, and most of the other actors are great too. The American dubbing is surprisingly high-quality and adds to the realism of the film. What I like about Mannaja, and that's what I like in general, is the sinister athmosphere, the good photography, the apocalyptic music (reminds me of Keoma) and the tough action. None of the semi-serious, half-funny, "we don't take ourselves serious anymore because the Spaghetti Western is going down the shit." This is a gritty one, and to me that's a B+ --Sebastian 22:55, 11 August 2006 (CEST)

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