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Mark Damon

From The Spaghetti Western Database


(aka Alan Harris aka Alan Herskovitz)

Born: April 22, 1933, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

Producer, director, TV actor, married to actresses Barbara Frey [1941- ] (1971-1973), Margaret Markov [1951- ] (1973- ), founded Producer’s Sales Organization (1977), Vision International Co. (1987).

Mark Damon majored in literature and business administration at U.C.L.A., but it would be as an actor that he'd enter the professional world. Reaching his Hollywood peak in several Roger Corman productions of the 1960s (House of Usher), Damon went on to appear in European adventure films. In 1977, he formed his own production company, Producer Sales Organization; one of his first producing efforts was the movie version of Joseph Wambaugh's The Choirboys. Ten years later, Mark Damon founded another production firm, Vision International.


Good to Know

  • Corbucci's first choice to play the part of Django.
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