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Mercenario, Il/BR

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Available BluRay disc versions of Il Mercenario / The Mercenary / A Professional Gun. If you are looking for DVD versions, click here.






  • Mercenario - Der Gefürchtete
  • Label: Koch Films
  • Release date: July 9, 2015
  • previously only available boxed, see below. Disc most likely identical
  • Languages: English, German, Italian (tbc) DTS HD Master Audio
  • Picture: 2.35:1 HD
  • Subtitles: German, English (tbc)
  • Extras: Trailer, featurette, picture galleries
  • Buy now: From | Amazon Italia | Amazon Espana | Amazon UK



  • Label: King Records
  • Release date: August 10, 2022
  • Details tbc

  • Release date: July 14, 2021
  • Details tbc
  • Also released on DVD
  • Complete Japanese dub (1974 broadcast version)
  • Extras: Sergio Corbucci memoir; interview with Nori Corbucci 2001; theatrical trailer

  • Release date: 2017
  • Publisher: Macaroni Western 2017 Blu-ray Release Committee / TC Entertainment
  • Includes the Kiyoshi Kobayashi dub version of "Saturday Movie Theater "Dubbed version (July 27, 1974) and the "Japanese Dubbed Complete Edition" as integral edit.
  • Extras include: German trailer; original trailer; slideshow
  • Uses Koch Media's master
  • Audio: English, Italian, Japanese DTS HD MA 2.0 mono
  • Subtitles: Japanese (for English), Japanese (for Italian)
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