Mexikanische Revolution

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EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Year: 1968

Producers J.J. Frank, Peter von Zahn [Windrose-Filmproduktion, Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen]

Director: Jürgen Goslar

Story. Michael Mansfield

Screenplay. Michael Mansfield

Photography [black & white]

Country: West Germany

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Konrad Georg (Francisco Madero), Jan Hendriks (Gustavo Madero), Horst Niendorf (Pancho Villa), Erik Schumann (Emiliano Zapata), Claus Biederstaedt (Gonzales), Ernst Fritz Fürbringer (Diaz), Jürgen Goslar (Obregon), Franz Schafheitlin (Limantour), Heinz Klevenow (Huerta),Albert Bessler (Flores), Wolfgang Schwarz (Herrera), Martin Hirthe (Navarro), Wolfgang Völz (Fierro), Harry Engel (Pino), Günter Glaser (Andres), P. Walter Jacob (Carranza),Gert Frickhöffer (Gerd Frickhöffer) (Wilson), Wolfgang Spier (Sterling), Herbert Knippenberg (Sanchez)

Story: Mexico in 1910, resembles a powder keg. Immeasurable is the misery of the rural population. Based on the 330 large families in the country, for thirty years ruled by the aged President Porfirio Diaz. Francisco Madero, himself a member of a millionaire family wants to enforce that the liberal constitution per se of the country finally becomes a reality. He wants at any price to shed blood and initiates the bloodiest revolution of the century. Pancho Villa joins with his bands with the liberal Madero. Even Emiliano Zapata, the Indian leader of the farm workers movement, joints with his followers to the group. At the end of many hard clashes Madero is declared the winner in Mexico City.

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