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Minnesota Clay (Italy · Spain · France 1964 / Director: Sergio Corbucci)

Also known as

L'homme du Minnesota (France) | Le justicier du Minnesota (France) | Seis Balas Assassinas (Portugal) | ミネソタ無頼 Minesota Burai (Japan)
Minnesota Clay movie poster


An ageing gunfighter, who was sentenced wrongly, manages to escape from prison. He then seeks out the one man who can prove his innocence and is caught thereby in a fight between two rival gangs. Because he is slowly going blind, he must make use of his enhanced sense of hearing.


  • Cast (Italian): Cameron Mitchell (Minnesota Clay), Georges Rivière (Sheriff Fox), Ethel Rojo (Estella), Patrizia Del Frate [as Diana Martín] (Nancy and Elisabeth Mullighan), Alberto Cevenini [as Anthony Ross] (Andy), Fernando Sancho (Dominigo Ortiz-Mendoza), Antonio Casas (Uncle Jonathan), Gino Pernice (Scratchy), Giuseppe Frisaldi [as Joe Kamel] (Fox henchman, Dutch's brother), Ferdinando Poggi [as Nando Poggi] (Tubbs), Pietro Tordi (barman), Madelaine Dehecq, Julio Peña (Doctor Stevens)
  • Additional Spanish credits: José Manuel Martín (Ortiz henchman), Simón Arriaga (Ortiz henchman), Mario Morales (drinking Fox henchman), Fernando Sánchez Polack (Fox henchman), Guillermo Méndez (Fox henchman), José Riesgo (Ortiz bandit), Álvaro de Luna (Miguel, Ortiz bandit), Carlos Villafranca, Manuel Peña (Captain Warren ?), Antonio Jiménez Escribano [as Antonio J. Escribano] (Señor Ortiz), Alfonso Rojas (murdered merchant), Antonio Fuentes [as Toni Fuentes] (Florencio, Ortiz bandit)
  • Uncredited actors: Ángel Menéndez (Milton / Malcolm), Luis Rodriguez (Ortiz bandit), Joaquin Solís (prisoner breaking rocks), Filippo Antonelli (Fox henchman)
  • Director: Sergio Corbucci
  • Story: Adriano Bolzoni
  • Screenplay: Adriano Bolzoni, Sergio Corbucci, José Gutiérrez Maesso
  • Cinematography: Jose F. Aguayo [as Pepe Aguayo] and Mario Bava (Eastmancolor - Panoramico 1,85:1)
  • Music: Piero Piccioni



  • Two endings of the film exist, one which ends directly after the final shootout, while the other one has 4 extra minutes, including a last shot not less absurd then the unused alternative end of The Great Silence.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 87 / 91 min

Release Dates

  • November 12, 1964 (Italy)

Filming locations

  • Golden City (Hoyo de Manzanares)
  • Torremocha - Madrid

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