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Mio nome è Nessuno, Il

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Il mio nome è Nessuno (Italy, France, Germany 1973 / Directors: Tonino Valerii & Sergio Leone)

  • Runtime: 116 min
  • Release Date: 21.12.73

Also known as

My Name is Nobody (U.S.A.) | Mein Name ist Nobody (Germany) | Mon nom est personne (France) | Meu nome e ninguem (Brazil) | Mit namn är nobody (Sweden) | Mit navn er Nobody (Norway) | Nevem Senki (Hungary) | Nazywam się Nobody (Poland) | Mé jméno je Nikdo (Czechoslovakia) | Mi nombre es Ninguno (Spain) | Mit navn er Nobody (Denmark) | Meu nome e ninguem (Portugal) | Mr. Nobody (Japan) | Lonesome Gun

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Terence Hill (Nobody), Henry Fonda (Jack Beauregard), Jean Martin (Sullivan), Piero Lulli (Sheriff), Mario Brega (Pedro), Marc Mazza (Don John), Benito Stefanelli (Porteley), Rainer Peets (as Remus Peets)(Big Gun), Antoine Saint-John (as Antoine Saint John)(Scape), Franco Angrisano (engineer), Tommy Polgár (Juan), Hubert Mittendorf (as Humbert Mittendorf)(carnival barker), Emil Feist (dwarf), Carla Mancini, Luigi Antonio Guerra (as Antonio Luigi Guerra), Angelo Novi (bartender), Ullrich Müller (Dirty Joe), Claus Schmidt (townsman), R.G. Armstrong (Honest John), Karl Braun (Jim), Leo Gordon (Red), Steve Kanaly (false barber), Geoffrey Lewis (Wild Bunch leader), Larry Melton (gunslinger milking cow), Neil Summers (Squirrel), Antonio Molino Rojo (U.S. Army officer), Alexander Allerson (Rex), Maurice Kowaleski (photographer), Jess Hill (child with apple), Frank Trolio (Indian), Renato Pinciroli (hotel owner), Antonio Palombi (Grandpa Joe), Lance Gordon
  • Story: Fulvio Morsella, Ernesto Gastaldi (based on an idea by Sergio Leone)
  • Screenplay: Ernesto Gastaldi
  • Cinematography: Armando Nannuzzi, Giuseppe Ruzzolini (Technicolor, Panavision 2,35:1)
  • Music: Ennio Morricone
  • Producers: Fulvio Morsella, Claudio Mancini, Sergio Leone (uncredited)


At the turn of the century the aging gunfighter, Jack Beauregard is on his way back to France, the country of his origin. On his way he tries to clear the death of his brother, when he meets a nobody who wants to become a somebody by pushing Beauregard into a last sensational gunfight with the Wild Bunch, to achieve him a legendary status. A fame this nobody is then immediately ready to inherit.


Some parts of the film were shot in the United States.


"I originally went into the role of producer with this principle in mind: 'A Sergio Leone film directed by someone else'." (Sergio Leone)

In the end Leone directed a few scenes himself, but more important was that he supervised the making of the film to such an extent, that his style is evident in nearly every scene. The virtuosically directed film mixes SW style with Trinita like comedy and Peckinpah like twilight western themes about the decline of the west. The mix works mostly very well except for some parts in which the comedy is only there for comedy reasons, and then turns plainly into inapt slapstick. But the highlights of My Name Is Nobody still belong to the most beautiful scenes within the SW genre.

by Stanton

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