Mio nome è Shanghai Joe, Il

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Il mio nome è Shangai Joe (Italy 1973 / Director: Mario Caiano)

Also known as

Mezzogiorno di fuoco per Han-Hao (Italy) | The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe (USA) | The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe (USA, BluRay) | My Name Is Shanghai Joe (USA) | The Dragon Strikes Back (USA) | Knochenbrecher im wilden Westen (Germany) | Der Mann mit der Kugelpeitsche (Germany) | Karate Jack - Ich bin euer Henker (Germany) | Shanghai Joe - Texas jernnaevne (Denmark) | On m'appelle Shangai Joe (France) | Shangai Joe (France) | Shangay'dan Gelen Adam (Turkey) | Benim Adim Shanghai Joe (Turkey) | Meu Nome é Shangae Joe (Brazil) | 荒野のドラゴン Koya no Dragon (Japan)
Shanghai Joe movie poster


Shanghai Joe is a Chinese immigrant, seeking a new, peaceful life in America. He lands in Texas, where he is not exactly welcomed with open arms, but finds employment as a cowboy, and soon finds it is not cattle the ranch inhabitants are moving, but Mexican slaves.


  • Cast: Chen Lee (Chin Hau/Shanghai Joe/Karate Jack), Klaus Kinski (Scalper Jack), Carla Romanelli (Cristina), Gordon Mitchell (Buryin' Sam), Katsutoshi Mikuriya (Mikuja, Fire Lotus Warrior), Claudio Undari [as Robert Hundar](Pedro 'the Cannibal'), Giacomo Rossi-Stuart (Tricky, gambler), Piero Lulli (Stanley Spencer), Umberto D'Orsi (poker player), Lorenzo Fineschi (ranch foreman), Federico Boido [as Rick Boyd](Tricky henchman), Dante Maggio (doctor), Carla Mancini (Conchita), Luigi Antonio Guerra (Spencer ally), Andrea Aureli (Sheriff Andy Corrotto), Enrico Marciani (Spencer ally), Giovanni Sabbatini (one-eyed old man), George Wang (Master Yang), Dante Cleri (Manuel Omero / Homer), Angelo Susani (stage driver)
  • Also with: Francisco Sanz (Old Mexican, Cristina's father), Alfonso de la Vega (Craig, slave smuggler), Tito Garci­a (Jesus, slave trader), Osiride Pevarello ('False Teeth', Ferguson ranch hand), Sergio Testori (Ferguson ranch hand), Pietro Torrisi (Ferguson ranch hand), Franco Moruzzi (Ferguson ranch hand), Sergio Ukmar (Ferguson ranch hand), Veriano Genesi (blacksmith), Aldo Cecconi (waystation brawler), Lars Bloch (waystation brawler), Giuseppe Mattei (waystation troublemaker), Roberto Dell'Acqua (Smitty, ranch hand), Raniero Dorascenzi (ranch hand), Claudio Ruffini (Tricky henchman), Franco Ukmar (Tricky henchman), Juanito Santiago (kid giving directions), Luciano Casamonica (Conchita's brother), Angelo Casadei (stagecoach teller), Vincenzo De Palo (bank employee)
  • Story: Fabrizio Trifone Trecca (as T.F. Karter), Mario Caiano, Carlo Alberto Alfieri
  • Screenplay: Fabrizio Trifone Trecca (as T.F. Karter), Mario Caiano
  • Cinematography: Guglielmo Mancori (Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1)
  • Music: Bruno Nicolai
  • Producers: Renato Amgiolini, Roberto Bessi



There is a silly comedy sequel to this film called Ritorno di Shanghai Joe, Il.

Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 98 min

Release Dates

  • Release Date: 28.12.1973

Filming locations

  • Tabernas - Almeria (Spain)
  • Rome (Italy)

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