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Mio nome è Shanghai Joe, Il/Credits

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  • Chen Lee as Shanghai Joe
  • Klaus Kinski as Scalper Jack
  • Carla Romanelli as Cristina
  • Category:Gordon Mitchell as Burying Sam
  • Katsutoshi Mikuriya as Fire Lotus Warrior <-- name Mikuja not mentioned
  • Robert Hundar as Pedro the Cannibal
  • Giacomo Rossi Stuart as Tricky the Gambler
  • Category:Piero Lulli as Stanley Spencer
  • Umberto D'Orsi as Poker Player
  • Lorenzo Fineschi as Smitty's Friend
  • Rick Boyd as Tricky Henchman <-- name Slim not mentioned
  • Dante Maggio as Doctor
  • Carla Mancini as Conchita
  • Luigi Guerra as Spencer's Friend
  • Andrea Aureli as Sheriff Andy <-- name Corrotto not mentioned
  • Enrico Marciani as Spencer's Friend
  • Giovanni Sabatini as Pirate
  • George Wang as Yang
  • Dante Cleri as Homer <-- Omero in Italian track
  • Angelo Susani as Coachman
  • Buxx Banner as (uncredited) <-- no idea who this guy is
  • Giorgio Bixio as (uncredited) <-- not spotted, not too familiar with his face
  • Aldo Cecconi as Racist (uncredited)
  • Roberto Dell'Acqua as Smitty (uncredited)
  • Alfonso De La Vega as Craig (uncredited)
  • Tito Garcà­a as Jesus (uncredited)
  • Veriano Genesi as Blacksmith (uncredited)
  • Osiride Pevarello as Ranch Hand (uncredited)
  • Claudio Ruffini as Tricky Henchman (uncredited)
  • Francisco Sanz as Cristina's Father (uncredited)
  • Sergio Testori as Ranch Hand (uncredited)
  • Pietro Torrisi as Ranch Hand (uncredited)

Pretty sure the following are not in the film

  • Tom Felleghy <-- not spotted
  • Lanfranco Ceccarelli as Blacksmith <-- he was mistaken for Veriano Genesi
  • Eduardo Fajardo as Slave Trader <-- not in film, the slave trader is Tito Garcia

Character names based on English track of German DVD. Actor names based on US credits in the DVD extras. Note the onscreen title in the US credits is Fist and not Fists.