Moartea lui Joe Indianul

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Moartea lui Joe Indianul (Romania, France 1968 / Director: Mihai Iacob)

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Joe indian.jpg Contents:

Also known as

The Death of Joe the Indian | Śmierć Indianina (Poland) | Smrt Joea Indiána (Czechoslovakia).

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Roland Demongeot (Tom Sawyer), Marc Di Napoli (Huckleberry Finn), Jacques Bilodeau (Injun Joe), Lucia Ocrain (Becky Thatcher), Lina Carstens (Aunt Polly), Roland Armontel (Judge Thatcher), Otto Ambrose (Muff Potter), Emil Liptac (Sheriff), Maurice Tyenac (Dobbins), Marcela Rusu (Mrs. Douglas), Fory Etterle (the lawyer), Nicolae Gardescu (the pastor), Mario Verdon (Windy), Serge Hubert.
  • Story: Mark Twain (novels: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn)
  • Screenplay: Mihai Iacob, Walter Ulbrich
  • Directors of Photography: Robert Lefebvre, Ovidiu Gologan [color]
  • Music: Vladimir Cosma
  • Art Directors: Jacques Paris, Constantin Simionescu
  • Set Decorators: Jacques Paris, Constantin Simionescu
  • Editor: Iolanda Mintulesco
  • Producers: Stefan Barcara, Henry Deutschmeister, Willy Pickardt, Walter Ulbrich

Filming locations

  • Danube Delta, Romania

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