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Monster bis

From The Spaghetti Western Database

A series of french movie fanzines with issues dedicated to gallio and spaghetti westerns.


  • Monster Bis
  • Published & Edited by NORBERT MOUTIER
  • Correspondents (amongst others): Claude Ledu,

Monster Bis was was founded in March 1979. N ° 1 was a very modest 32 page booklet dedicated to Maciste. From number 33 the fanzine became more proffesional with a full-color cover and 84 pages. Currently there is only one topic per issue: Theme, Director or Actor.

Issues contain information about

  • Franco Nero
  • Umberto Lenzi
  • Anthony Steffen
  • Lucio Fulci
  • Richard Harrison
  • Jezus Franco
  • Chelo Alonso
  • Spanish westerm
  • George Hilton
  • Mario Bava
  • Dario Argento