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Morte non conta i dollari, La

From The Spaghetti Western Database

La morte non conta i dollari (Italy 1967, Director: Riccardo Freda [as George Lincoln])

  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Release Date: 21.7.1967
  • Filming locations: Sesena - Madrid, Campo secco - Rome ITALY

Also known as

Death Does Not Count the Dollars | Death at Owell Rock (U.S.A.) | No Killing Without Dollars (U.S.A.) | Der Tod zählt keine Dollar (Germany) | Quand l'heure de la vengeance sonnera (France) | Quand la vengeance sonnera (France) | La muerte no cuente los dolares (Spain) | O Vingador Atira à Esquerda (Portugal) | A Morte não Conta Dólares (Brazil) | 荒野の死闘 Koya no shito DVD title (Japan)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Mark Damon (Harry Boyd/Jeffries), Stephen Forsyth (Lawrence White), Luciana Gilli (Jane White), Pamela Tudor (Elisabeth Pearson), Luciano Pigozzi [as Alan Collins](Judge Warren), Ignazio Spalla [as Pedro Sanchez](Pablo/Pedro Rodriguez), Giovanni Pazzafini (Doc Lester), Hardy Reichelt (Owell Rocks sheriff), Lidia Biondi [as Lydia Biondi](Mrs Gilbert), Aldo Cecconi (Bernie Nolan), Spartaco Conversi (Lester), Mariella Palmich (Helen Warren), Dino Strano (Mike Lester), Francesco Tensi, Maurizio Tocchi, Alessandro Gottlieb [as John Gotlief], Renzo Pevarello (Lester henchman), Bruno Arié (Helen's guest), Renato Chiantoni
  • Story: Giuseppe Masini
  • Screenplay: Riccardo Freda
  • Cinematography: Gabor Pogany [Eastmancolor - Cromoscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Nora Orlandi + Robby Poitevin
  • Producer: Enrico Cogliatti


Lawrence and Jane White are determined to find the man responsible for their father's murder. They suspect a number of people in the town of Owell Rocks and hire a professional gunfighter to help them in their quest for vengeance...


Minor but fairly entertaining SW in which Mark Damon is clearly imitating Giuliano Gemma's classic leading role of A Pistol for Ringo. The story contains a nice twist and at least one happy ending too many.

by Stanton


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