Muerte busca un hombre, La

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La muerte busca un hombre (Spain, Italy 1970 / Director: José Luis Merino)

  • Runtime: 99 min
  • Release Date: 27.9.1970
  • Filming Locations: Almería

Also known as

Ancora dollari per i Mc Gregor (Italy) | La morte cerca un uomo (Italy) | Uno sciacallo all'ombra di Sartana (Italy, working title) | More Dollars For The McGregors (U.S.A.) | Palkkionmetsastajat (Finland) | Mas dolares para Cjamango (Spain) | Des dollars pour McGregor (France) | Encore 1 dollar pour McGregor (France) | To kynigi ton epikirygmenon (Greece) | O caçador de prémios (Portugal) | Juveljakten (Sweden) | Prisjägarna (Sweden) | A Few More Dollars for the MacGregors | Dólares De Sangue Para McGregor (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Peter Lee Lawrence (Robert McGregor / 'Blondie'), Carlos Quiney [as Charles Quiney] (George Forsythe / Santana), Malisa Longo [as Marisa Longo] (Yuma), Stelvio Rosi [as Stan Cooper] (Ross Steward), Mariano Vidal Molina (Joe Saxon), María Salerno [as Marta Monterrey] (Maticha), Stephano Capriati, Antonio Jiménez Escribano (Joe, trading post owner), Antonio Mayans (young Sturges), Enrique Ávila (mine guard w/whip), Giancarlo Fantini, José Jaspe (sheriff of Jonesville), Enzo Fisichella, José Marco (first sheriff), Renato Paracchi, Santiago Rivero (poker room host), Claudio Trionfi, María Mahor (Gladys McGregor), Luis Marín (Pancho)
  • Also with: Dan van Husen (Frank Landon)
  • Story and Screenplay: José Luis Merino, Enrico Colombo, María del Carmen Martínez Román, Arrigo Colombo
  • Cinematography: Emanuele Di Cola [Telecolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Augusto Martelli
  • Song: "Still Water" sung by Augusto Martelli
  • Producers: Enrico Colombo, Ricardo Merino


Forsythe, who uses his wife as bait, has gained a reputation as a gunslinger. When the game backfires, and she is killed, he sets out in pursuit, but a mysterious rider joins the chase.


The Italian and English title may suggest it (and the English one is indeed often written as MacGregor), but this one has absolutely nothing to do with Franco Giraldi's 2 MacGregor westerns.


Atmospheric and gritty western from the director of Réquiem para el gringo, which is a bit incoherent in places due to the story being told in two parts, some anachronistic 70s clothes and some narrative fractures. But it is stylish enough to be a satisfying whole, and surely belongs to the "little gem" category.

by Stanton


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