Navajo Joe

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Navajo Joe (Italy, Spain 1966 / Director: Sergio Corbucci)

  • Runtime: 91 min
  • Release Date: 25.11.1966

Also known as

English titles A Dollar A Head | Savage Run | Navajo Joe | Italy Un Dollaro a testa | Germany An seinen Stiefeln klebte Blut | Kopfgeld: Ein Dollar | Navajos Land | Red Fighter | Spain Joe, el implacable | Portugal Navajo Joe | France Navajo Joe | Sweden En Dollar per skalle | Finland Navajo Joe – 1 dollari paanahasta | Brazil Joe - O pistoleiro Implacavel | Navajo Joe (Czech Republic)

Cast and Crew

  • Cast: Burt Reynolds (Joe/Navajo Joe), Aldo Sambrell (Mervyn 'Vee' Duncan), Nicoletta Machiavelli (Estella), Fernando Rey (Parson Rattigan), Tanya Lopert (Maria), Franca Polesello (Barbara), Lucia Modugno (Geraldine), Pierre Cressoy (as Peter Cross)(Dr. Chester Lynne), Roberto Paoletti, Mario Lanfranchi (Mayor Jefferson Clay), Nino Imparato (Chuck Holloway), Angel Alvarez (Oliver Blackwood), Lucio Rosato (Jeffrey Duncan), Rafael Albaicà­n (Duncan henchman), Enrique Santiago (Duncan henchman), Valeria Sabel (Hana Blackwood Lynne), Chris Huerta (El Gordo), Lorenzo Robledo (Robledo), Raf Baldassare (Tim), Valentino Macchi, Angel Ortiz (El Cojo), Gianni di Stolfo (Sheriff Elmo Reagan), Simon Arriaga (Monkey), José Terrón (soldier), Alvaro de Luna (Sancho Ramirez), Lars Bloch (Swedish immigrant), Alberto Paoletti, Maria Cristina Sani, Roderick Dianik, Fortunato Arena (townsman)


A band of scalphunters attack a Navajo village and in the ensuing slaughter, Navajo Joe's (Reynolds) woman is killed. Joe hunts down the gang and in the process uncovers a plot to rob a train. The people of the town reluctantly hire Joe to stop the robbery. The final showdown takes place in the burial ground of Joe's ancestors...--JONAH HEX 00:49, 3 November 2007 (CET)


Action packed and rather violent western, which unusually presents an Indian as the revenging hero. The film has its ill-conceived moments and scenes, but benefits from Corbucci's skillful directing of tough action scenes and a rousing score by Ennio Morricone. It was Moricone's first collaboration with Corbucci.

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  • Sergio Corbucci drove into the middle of the Almerian desert with Burt Reynolds and left him there to find his own way back to town on foot.

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