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  • The actors do an o.k. job (Reynolds is actually believable as an indian) but there's not much to work with, some character development would have been nice, and Nicoletta Machiavella is underused. Some consider this a classic i consider it average. - JONAH HEX
  • Navajo Joe suffers from mediocre makeup effects and below average scenery, but it makes up in story intensity, drama and most of all music. Morricone's score gives you goosebumps and it makes the movie so much more emotional. The reason why people are longing to see this movie on DVD, is that it is a quintessential Spaghetti Western, one of the must see films of the genre, with the music so popular, the star so famous and the finale so memorable, it is a wonder MGM hasn't released this one years ago. --Sebastian 23:24, 23 February 2008 (CET)
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