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Ninguno de los tres se llamaba Trinidad

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Ninguno de los tres se llamaba Trinidad (Spain 1973 / Director: Pedro Luis Ramí­rez [as Stan Parker])

EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Trinidad2poster Spain.jpg


Also known as

Fat Brothers of Trinity (U.S.A.) | None of the Three Were Called Trinity (U.S.A.) | I magnifici tre di Trinità (Italy) | Triniti's 3 fede brødre (Denmark) | Trinityn veljekset (Finland) | Trinity - Brödernas stora kupp! (Sweden)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Daniel Martín [as Danny Martín](Deputy Alan), Fanny Grey (May), Margit Kocsis (Sheila), Cris Huerta (Bud Wesley), Ricardo Palacios [as Richard Palance / Dick Castle](Ray Wesley), Tito García [as Paul Steward](Charles Wesley), Judy Collins (Liz), Manuel Barrios (Bryan / Jim Palmer), Gustavo Ré (sheriff), Manuel Bronchud [as George Brinchaud](poker player), Gaspar 'Indio' González (town tough), Juan Torres (stage new father), Miguel Muniesa, Jarque Zurbano (stocky carriage heckler), Juan Fernández (old stage passenger), César Ojinaga (May's accomplice), Fernando Rubio (Mark)
  • Story: Ignacio F. Iquino, Juliana de la Fuente [as Jackie Kelly]
  • Screenplay: Ignacio F. Iquino, Juliana de la Fuente [as Jackie Kelly]
  • Cinematography: Antonio L. Ballesteros [Eastmancolor - Panavision]
  • Music: Enrique Escobar
  • Song: "But You Might Fall in Love" sung by John Campbell
  • Producer: Ignazio F. Iquino


Jim Palmer is mistaken for a bank robber and must clear his name before he can pursue his dishonest cousins who are the actual thieves.


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