Ninguno de los tres se llamaba Trinidad

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Ninguno de los tres se llamaba Trinidad (Spain 1973 / Director: Pedro Luis Ramí­rez)

Also known as

Fat Brothers of Trinity (USA) | None of the Three Were Called Trinity (USA) | I magnifici tre di Trinità (Italy) | Triniti's 3 fede brødre (Denmark) | Trinityn veljekset (Finland) | Trinity - Brödernas stora kupp! (Sweden)
Fat Brothers of Trinity movie poster


Jim Palmer is mistaken for a bank robber and must clear his name before he can pursue his dishonest cousins who are the actual thieves.


  • Cast (Spanish): Daniel Martín [as Danny Martin] (Deputy Alan), Fanny Grey (May), Margit Kocsis (Sheila), Cris Huerta (Bud Wesley), Ricardo Palacios (Ray Wesley), Tito García (Charles Wesley), Judy Collins (Liz), Manuel Barrios (Bryan / Jim Palmer), Gustavo Ré (sheriff), Manuel Bronchud (poker player), Gaspar 'Indio' González [as "Indio" Gonzalez] (town tough), Juan Torres (stage new father), Miguel Muniesa, Jarque Zurbano (stocky carriage heckler), Juan Fernández (old stage passenger)
  • Uncredited: César Ojinaga (May's accomplice), Fernando Rubio (Mark), Luis Oar (May's dad), John Campbell (balladeer)
  • Director: Pedro Luis Ramí­rez [as Pedro L. Ramirez]
  • Story: Ignacio F. Iquino, Juliana de la Fuente [as Jakie Kelly]
  • Screenplay: Ignacio F. Iquino, Juliana de la Fuente [as Jakie Kelly]
  • Cinematography: Antonio L. Ballesteros [Eastmancolor - Panavision]
  • Music: Enrique Escobar
  • Song: "But You Might Fall in Love" sung by John Campbell
  • Producer: Ignazio F. Iquino



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