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Starting with the 80s, the time for serious spaghetti westerns was over. The music lightened up, the violence was toned down, they had long ago stopped letting people die on screen. Roll curtains for Bud Spencer, already a household name. Instead of shooting people, he shoots their guns out of their hands, and he beats them all up till they are tired and have to go home. Buddy Goes West is an effort to let him star without his longtime companion Terence Hill. The movie offers a decent story, a good solid cast and some decent music by il maestro. Lupo does a good job with the film, which was visibly shot mainly on Once Upon a Time in the West locations. The film is lighthearted but very spaghetti at its core. Good for many laughs and fit for afternoon children's entertainment. Not a terribly good movie but not one of those assembly line shitty ones either. --Sebastian 21:37, 11 May 2008 (UTC)

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