Odia il prossimo tuo

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Odia il prossimo tuo (Italy 1968 / Director: Ferdinando Baldi)

  • Runtime: 89 min
  • Release Date: 26.7.1968

Also known as

Hate Thy Neighbor (U.S.A.) | Hate Your Neighbor (Australia) | Hasse deinen Nächsten (Germany) | Le Salaire de la haine (France) | Korkunc intikam (Turkey) | A Lei do Ódio e da Vinganca / Rezo A Deus e Odeio Meu Próximo (Brazil)

Cast and crew

Cast: Spiros Focás [as Clyde Garner](Ken Dakota), George Eastman (Gary Stevens), Horst Frank (Chris Malone), Nicoletta Machiavelli (Peggy Savalas), Ivy Holzer (Malone companion), Roberto Risso [as Robert Rice](Duke), Paolo Magalotti (Jose, Malone lieutenant), Franco Fantasia (sheriff), Claudio Castellani (Pat Dakota), Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia (Mexican officer), Remo De Angelis (Bill Dakota), Franco Gulà (Doc), Eugene Walter (judge), Osiride Pevarello (Malone henchman), Omero Capanna (Malone henchman), Franco Ukmar (Malone fighter), Sergio Testori (freed fighter)

  • Story: Luigi Angelo, Ferdinando Baldi, Roberto Natale
  • Screenplay: Luigi Angelo, Ferdinando Baldi, Roberto Natale
  • Cinematography: Enzo Serafin [Eastmancolor - Widescreen 1,66:1]
  • Music: Robby Poitevin
  • Song: "Two Friends" sung by Raoul
  • Producer: Enrico Cogliati Dezza


Ken Dakota (Spiros Focás) wants justice for his brother Bill, who was killed by a notorious gunman named Stevens (George Eastman) for a map of a goldmine. The gunman on the other hand is arguing with gangster Malone (Horst Frank) about the map, and the gold it promises. A deadly cat and mouse game between the three men ensues.

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