Ognuno per se

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Ognuno per sé (Italy · West Germany 1968 / Director: Giorgio Capitani)

Also known as

The Ruthless Four (USA) | Every Man for Himself (UK) | Das Gold von Sam Cooper (Germany) | Los Profesionales del Oro (Spain) | Los cuatro despiadados (Spain) | Chacun Pour Soi (France) | Tähtää tarkasti - tapa varmasti (Finland) | O kathenas gia ton eafto tou (Greece) | A furia do ouro (Portugal) | Den grymma jakten (Sweden) | Profesyonellerin intikami (Turkey) | Os Quatro Malvados (Brazil) | Sam Cooper's Gold | The Goldseekers | Each One for Himself
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Sam Cooper (Heflin) finds gold and then is double-crossed by his partner. He survives and calls on the only person he can trust, Manolo (Hilton), who is soon joined by Brent (Kinski), who has a strong hold over him. Sam is warned that something is wrong with the young man and his friend, so he asks an old acquaintance, Mason (Roland), to join the group. But their preparations for the journey to retrieve the gold have attracted the attention of the vermin hanging about in the prospecting town.


  • Cast (French): Van Heflin (Sam Cooper), Gilbert Roland (Mason), George Hilton (Manolo Sanchez), Klaus Kinski (Brent the Blonde), Sarah Ross [as Sara Ross] (Annie), Teodoro Corrà [as Doro Corra] (Matt, US Marshall), Federico Boido [as Rick Boyd] (Hal Brady), Ivan Giovanni Scratuglia [as Ivan Scratuglia] (telegrapher), Sergio Doria (Fred Brady), Giorgio Gruden (Lancaster), Hardy Reichelt (Slim, 1st partner)
  • Director: Giorgio Capitani [as George Holloway]
  • Story: Fernando di Leo, Augusto Caminito
  • Screenplay: Fernando di Leo, Augusto Caminito
  • Cinematography: Sergio D'Offizi [Technicolor - Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Carlo Rustichelli
  • Producers: Luciano Ercoli, Alberto Pugliese


Versions and runtimes

  • Runtime: 106 min.

Release Dates

  • February 9, 1968 (Italy)

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