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Old Surehand

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Old Surehand (West Germany, Yugoslavia 1965 / Director: Alfred Vohrer)

Also known as

Flaming Frontier (U.S.A.) | Lavirint smrti (Yugoslavia: Serbian title) | Old Surehand - 1.Teil (Germany) | Winnetou i Old Surehand (Poland) | Surehand - mano veloce (Italy) | El justiciero de Kansas (Spain) | La frontera in llamas (Spain) | Saker man i western (Sweden) | Nevada banditerna (Sweden) | Winnetou og Nevada-banditterne (Denmark) | Lännen sankarit – Winnetou ja Old Surehand (Finland) | Old Surehand (Czechoslovakia)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Stewart Granger (Old Surehand), Pierre Brice (Winnetou), Larry Pennell (General Jack O'Neille), Letí­cia Román (Judith), Terence Hill (as Mario Girotti)(Toby), Milan Srdoc (as Paddy Fox)(Jeremy 'Old Wabbles' Sanders), Wolfgang Lukschy (Judge Edwards), Erik Schumann (Captain Miller), Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovic (as Bata Zivojinovic)(Jim Potter), Dusan Antonijevic (Clinch), Vladimir Medar (Uncle Ben O'Brian), Hermina Pipinic (Molly), Jelena Zigon (Delia), Voja Miric (Joe), Dusan Janicijevic (Mahki-Moteh), Mate Ivankovic (Wynand), Nikola Gec (Cat), Veljko Maricic, Miroslav Buhin (Bob O'Hara), Sime Jagarinac (Ton-Wan), Martin Sagner (Bonoja), Predrag Ceramilac (scout), Marijan Habazin (Buster), Lujo Knezevic (Bini), Mate Ivankovic, Ivan Novak (Brewster), Marin Ercegovic (medicine man), Leo Butorac (Kellner), Stjepan Jurcevic, Dani Segina (as Djani Segina)(Blacky), Josip Zappalorto, Ivo Kristof (desperado), Joachim Ansorge (voice) (uncredited), Rainer Brandt (voice) (uncredited), Wolfgang Condrus (voice)(uncredited), Otto Czarski (uncredited), Thomas Eckelmann (voice)(uncredited), Heinz Engelmann (voice)(uncredited), Heinz Lausch (uncredited), Ulli Lommel (voice)(uncredited), Marianne Lutz-Pastré (uncredited), Gerd Martienzen (uncredited), Marianne Mosar (voice)(uncredited), Horst Niendorf (voice)(uncredited), Joachim Nottke(voice)(uncredited), Joachim Pukaß (voice)(uncredited), Edith Schneider (voice)(uncredited), Hugo Schrader (voice)(uncredited), Jürgen Thormann (voice)(uncredited), Alexander Welbat (voice)(uncredited)
  • Story: Karl May
  • Screenplay: Fred Denger, Eberhard Kaindorff, Sibylle Freybe (as Johanna Sibelius)
  • Cinematography: Karl Loeb [Eastmancolor, Ultrascope)
  • Music: Martin Böttcher
  • Producer: Horst Wendlandt, Preben Phillipsen, Wolfgang Kühnlenz


This colorful western saga finds Old Surehand (Stewart Granger) and his comical sidekick Old Wabble (Paddy Fox) hot on the trail of a cold-blooded murderer. His brother has been killed, and the heroic duo sets out to bring the varmint to justice. Meanwhile, Surehand must mediate the trouble brewing between the settlers and the Comanche Indians, who threaten to go on the warpath. Female interest for Surehand is provided by Letitia Roman. The General (Larry Pennell) is the main bad guy in this routine oater.

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