Op de vlucht

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EU-Fahne.jpg This is a Eurowestern

Op de vlucht (Netherlands 2013 / Director: Arie van Nierop)

  • Runtime: 17 min 29 s
  • Release Date: 02.06.2013

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Phille van Elteren (Jamie Lawson), Woody Monteiro (Joey Beche), Max Lobé (Billy Hughes), Arie van Nierop (Sheriff Dan Marble)
  • Screenplay: Arie van Nierop
  • Cinematography: Arie van Nierop, Max Lobé
  • Music:
  • Editing: Arie van Nierop
  • Producer: Arie van Nierop


A boy finds a pistol and accidentally kills one of his friends. He is now wanted by the law. Amateur western for, and with, kids.

Filming locations

  • Biezenmortel, Noord-Brabant, The Netherlands


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