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Oro dei bravados, L'

From The Spaghetti Western Database

L'oro dei Bravados (Italy, France 1970 / Director: Giancarlo Romitelli [as Don Reynolds])

  • Runtime: 98 min
  • Release Date: 8.10.1970

Also known as

Chapaqua (Italy) | Chapagua (France) | L'or des bravados (France) | Gold of the Heroes (U.S.A.) | Chapagua's Gold (U.S.A.) | Chapaqua kulta (Finland) | Chapaqua o solitario (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: George Ardisson (Jack "Doc" Harrison), Linda Veras (Moira Shannon/Nelson), Boby Lapointe [as Bobby La Pointe](Chapagua), Marco Zuanelli (Beretto / Mexico), Rik Battaglia (Murphy), Piero Lulli (Major Garrett), Umberto Di Grazia, Paolo Magalotti (Sergeant Johnson), Osiride Pevarello (Jose Cordero), Lucio Zarini, Pasquale Basile [as Pat Basile](Murphy henchman), Jack Vitry, Jean-Pierre Jumez (Mexican general), Luciano Bonanni (street performer), Federico Boido [as Rick Boyd](Billy George Black), Claudio Ruffini, Goffredo Unger [as Freddy Unger](Chapaqua henchman)
  • Story: Renato Savino
  • Screenplay: Renato Savino
  • Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Technicolor, Techniscope 2,35:1]
  • Music: Luis Bacalov
  • Producer: Luigi Nannerini


Giancarlo Romitelli directed this entertaining spaghetti western under the name "Don Reynolds." The story concerns a pair of men who find a fortune in gold bars at an old Confederate fortress. They become partners, only to have a woman (Linda Veras) come between them. This amusing Italian-French co-production stars George Ardisson and Bobby Lapointe.

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