Pampa salvaje

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Pampa salvaje (Spain, Argentina, USA 1966 / Director: Hugo Fregonese)

Also known as

Savage Pampas (U.S.A.) | La pampa sauvage (France) | Die Verfluchten der Pampas (Germany) | El cjorro (Italy) | Agria pampa (Greece) | Terra Selvagem (Brazil)

Cast and crew

  • Cast: Robert Taylor (Captain Martín), Ron Randell (Padrón), Marc Lawrence (Sargent Barril), Ty Hardin (Miguel Carreras), Rosenda Monteros (Rucu), Ángel del Pozo [as Del Pozo](Lt. Del Rí­o), Felicia Roc (Camila Ometio), Charles Fawcett (Private El Gato), Enrique Ávila [as Henry Avila](Petizo), José Jaspe (Private Luis), Julio Peña (Private Chicha), Laya Raki (Mimí­), Laura Granados (Carmen), Ingrid Ohlenschläger (old woman), José Nieto (General Chávez), Willie Ellie (Pedro, guitarist singer soldier)
  • Also with: Milo Quesada (Alfonso), Hector Quiroga (Private Pepe), Juan Carlos Galvin (Isidro), José Maria Caffarel (Vigo), Lucia Prado (Chiquito), Barta Barri (priest), Pastora Ruiz (Magnolia), Sancho Gracia (Carlos), George Rigaud (old soldier), Isabel Pisano (Lucy), Gene Reyes (Chief Winkon), Dieter Eppler (Rivera, recruiter), Mario Lozano (Santiago), Enrique Santiago (Padron's brother), Susana Mara (Sarita)
  • Story: "Pampa Barbara" by Ulises Petit de Murat, Homero Manzi
  • Screenplay: Hugo Fregonese, John Melson
  • Cinematography: Manuel Berenguer [Eastmancolor - Superpanorama 70]
  • Music: Waldo de los Rios
  • Producer: Jaime Prades, Samuel Bronston (uncredited)


This was one of famed super producer Samuel Bronston's last productions. He had been responsible for a slew of big budget historical epics filmed in Spain (55 Days at Peking, El Cid, Fall of the Roman Empire). This might explain the Spanish production involvement. The movie was extravagantly filmed in 70mm format.


The movie is 112min, a shorter German theatrical version clocks at 94minutes. That shorter version was restored from a surviving 70mm print in 2016 and released on BluRay. Reportedly, the two versions are different cuts, a detailed comparison doesn't exist yet, but neither is an integral show-everything version.