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Paul L. Smith

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born February 5, 1939 in Everett, Massachusetts U.S.A.


Paul L. Smith (born February 5, 1939 in Everett, Massachusetts) a Massive, heavily bearded American actor had been a professional athlete before gravitating to films in the late '70s. Smith's first acting role was in the 1960 film Exodus which was filmed in Israel. This was his first visit to the country. He returned to Israel in 1967 to volunteer in the Six Day War and stayed there till 1973. In that time he participated in five produtions filmed in Israel. He also met his future wife Eve. During the late 1970's He found fame with fellow actor Michael Coby (real name Antonio Cantafora) as Bud Spencer / Terence Hill Lookalikes in numerous comedy films and spaghetti westerns. His first important role was as the brutal, depraved Turkish prison guard Hamidou in Midnight Express (1978). Consigned by his size and weight to play villains (or at the very least, bullies), Smith was cast as Bluto, eternal nemesis to Popeye the Sailor and Olive Oyl, in the 1980 film/musical misfire Popeye. After several years of giving his all in abnormal roles in such films as Dune (1984) (as Beast Rabban), Red Sonya (1985) (as Falkon) and Caged Fury (1986) -- with a few side trips to Europe to make spaghetti westerns this is where he also --Smith gradually began to get parts that allowed him to play a recognizable human being. Paul L. Smith's appeared in 1994's Maverick as a Russian prince who travels to America for the express purpose of shooting Indians. The performance might have been broad and overstated, but at least Smith was believable -- and, despite the gross political incorrectness inherent in the role, he was even likable. Paul and his wife Eve emigrated to Israel in February 2006, adopting Ra'anana as their home. Since taking Israeli citizenship the couple adopted Hebrew names: Adam and Aviva Eden.


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